Wockhardt’s forward planning for an electric future

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Wockhart company building

WockHardt’s Electric Future

We recently completed a big project for Wockhardt, the Wrexham-based pharmaceutical company who are planning for an electric future. They also played a huge part in the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

Wockhardt, are based on the same industrial estate as ourselves and have been thinking about what lies in the future when it comes to Transportation, particularly for their staff.

Electric vehicle future

As EV’s are becoming more and more common, colleagues racing out to the car park to plug in next will become a common occurrence.  This is something that Wockhardt has thought about. With their latest installation of EV chargers, they wanted to add eight more sockets on top of the two which were installed previously by us.

Our electric vehicle charger solution

We set out to offer an EV charging solution that would suit busy staff at the office all day and visitors who will likely need to top up while on site. We installed four of our single socket 7kW chargers, these were installed in different car parks around the site. This was to ensure a good distribution of available chargers around the site for staff to use. We also installed 2 twin socket 7kW floor mounted chargers. As these chargers are floor mounted we were able to install them in handy places such as in front of parking bays, being the twin gun option this allows the charging of 2 vehicles at the same time. This setup has allowed all on site staff to charge their cars, and gives the added benefit of charging to all on site visitors.

We used Project EV chargers throughout this project, with our ever-expanding range of chargers, we are always able to offer bespoke EV charging solutions for any requirement. If your looking to add EV chargers to your business get in touch with us today.

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