Why we need to see electric car chargers at golf clubs

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Electric Car Chargers At Golf Clubs

As sales of electric vehicles (EVs) rise year-on-year, so too does the demand for chargers.

Golf clubs are well positioned to make the most of this situation. Statistics show that early adopters of EVs tend to fall into the same age and demographic groups as those who enjoy golf — so now’s the time to make sure your club is positioned to benefit.

Demand is rising

From 2030, UK consumers won’t be able to buy any new petrol or diesel cars, and experts are warning of a coming shortage of EV charging points to service public needs.

Most golf courses are uniquely situated to take advantage as they are usually accessed by car. Clubs will likely have the space and infrastructure to install EV chargers. Most courses will have access to three phase electricity — which means it would be possible to install 11kWh or 22kWh chargers at your site.

Charge as you play

One of the key benefits of EV chargers at a golf club is the opportunity to ‘charge as you play’. Customers can play a round and come back to a fully charged vehicle. This means no wasted time, compared to chargers at service stations or shops, for example.

Because of the length of a round of golf, your venue probably doesn’t need a rapid-charging solution. A lower powered output would do the job by the time the vehicle owner has reached the 18th hole, and save you in the process.

Added value for customers

For golfers with electric vehicles, being able to charge while golfing is an obvious bonus. One job ticked off the to-do list, with no extra trips needed. It may even be justification enough to come and play a round.

Over the next couple of years EV chargers will become an increasingly common site at all sorts of businesses and venues, so now is the perfect time to future-proof your course.

Increased visibility

As well as providing a welcome bonus for your existing clientele, installing EV chargers can also expand your club’s reach to new golfers.

Having EV chargers will mean customers can find you on apps like Zap-Map and Project EV Pro, putting your course in front of thousands of EV drivers, meaning you’ll have the potential to draw in new customers too.

A simple income stream

Electric vehicles are more energy efficient, but electricity isn’t free. An EV charger allows you to charge customers for fueling, at a rate you decide.

Customers can pay within an app or by card, meaning a hassle-free source of income for your business.

Benefit from government grants

Now is the ideal time to invest in green, reliable EV charging. For each charger installed at a business premises, you’re able to claim up to £350 in government funding to offset the cost of installation.

From planning and installation to aftercare, R-EV Power can help guide you through everything you need to know about EV chargers for your golf club. Speak to one of our team today.

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