Where to place domestic solar panels for the best performance

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man installing solar panels on a domestic house roof

What is the best placement of solar panels?

The position of solar panels on your property is crucial to how well they perform. It’s no surprise that they need to be exposed to as much sunlight as possible for them to work at maximum efficiency. This article explores where to place domestic solar panels and what type of roofs they are best suited to.

Which direction should solar panels be installed?

The UK is located in the northern hemisphere, with the sun lying above the equator, this means that solar panels are most effective when they are south facing. This maximises the energy from the sun all year round. However, not all properties benefit from being south-facing and having the sun all day long on their property, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from solar energy. The next best direction for solar panels is west-facing or east-facing. If your roof is only north facing, the amount of energy you generate from the sun may be less than a south, west or east facing roof.

The best angle for solar panels

Another important element of getting the maximum benefit from solar panels is the angle they are installed it. This will obviously depend on the shape and angle of your roof. As most homes in the UK have pitched roofs, they lend themselves perfectly to being tilted at the optimum angle, which is between 30-45 degrees. This means they can absorb more sunlight and you will benefit from more savings.

If you have a low angle or flat roof, we can install specialised racking in order to achieve the best angle for energy production.

It is important to note that the best angle for solar panels will be different for each country depending on the latitude of your location.

The other advantage of having solar panels installed at an angle is they are self-cleaning as the rain will wash off any debris so they are very easy to maintain.

Properties that are shaded

Your home doesn’t need to have the sun shining on it all day long to benefit from a solar panel system. We use Tigo optimisers to reduce the amount of shade that affects the panel’s production.

It may be worth cutting down any growing trees or foliage around your property before you install solar panels so that they can receive maximum exposure from the sun.

We understand that every property is different and regardless of whether the roof of your property is steep or flat, north or south facing, it’s best to get a free no-obligation quote from our team who will ensure optimal production and safety of your solar panels.

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