What is infrared heating?

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Atlas mirror infrared heating panel in lounge

Infrared heating what is it?

Simply put it is a form of heating that uses electricity to efficiently heat objects and people. However, unlike a standard convection heating system such as gas radiators, infrared heating does not heat the air in a room. Infrared heats objects within the room, this makes it so efficient, and because of this you will begin to feel comfortably warm with infrared heating in as little as 3 minutes!

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating is a fairly new concept in the renewables sector. We understand that for this reason, you may have many questions about what is infrared heating and how does it work. In this article, we are going to look at infrared heating panels, what are they and how they work.

What is infrared heating?

To explain it simply, infrared heating is a form of heating technology that uses electricity to generate radiant heat. This heat is emitted from the infrared panels and absorbed by surfaces, objects and people, the absorbed heat is then re-radiated back into the room. This process helps infrared heating to be more efficient at heating a room quickly. An easy way to think of how infrared heaters work is the sun coming through a window on a sunny day, once the sun’s rays hit you or an object it begins to get warmer. Infrared heating works on the same principle although much quicker, generally you will begin to feel warm in as little as 3 minutes.

Unlike a convector heating system that heats the air in a room, infrared heaters do not heat the air. The waves transmitted from the infrared panels travel through the air until they come into contact with an object or person. It’s this that means infrared is so efficient at heating your home or workplace.

Different types of infrared heating.

All the heating panels and heaters we supply are from the well-known Made in Britain brand, Jigsaw.

Infrared heating panels (indoor)

These are what you will find being used indoors in homes and offices alike. Sometimes these infrared panels are referred to as radiant heat panels because that is exactly what they do. The inside of each panel contains an insulated fibre which has a length of resistive wire weaved through it. As electricity enters and flows through the wire within the panel it begins to heat up and conducts warmth which leaves via the front of the panel and out into the room to begin heating up the objects within the room. As infrared panels are fairly simple in their construction just being a wire and no moving parts they come with a 10-year warranty and outlast most conventional systems. The type of infrared that these heating panels emit is called far infrared. This is what our own bodies emit and is the safest form of radiation as it’s a form of electromagnetic radiation.

Outdoor patio heaters

These types of infrared heaters are generally the ones you will see glowing orange when they are switched on. As they need to heat a large amount of outdoor space they are generally much more powerful than indoor heaters, which means they emit much more radiant heat. The Jigsaw range uses a carbon filament inside a quartz bulb filled with halogen gas. Once switched on these instantly produce a high level of heat which gives you the feeling of instant warmth. The outdoor heaters do not use far infrared but use something called near-infrared. This is the strongest form of infrared heat and is characterized by a bright orange glow.

How does infrared heating work?

So how does it actually work we hear you ask? Unlike convection heating which generally works by heating up the surrounding air, which can be quite slow, infrared heating uses electromagnetic waves to heat objects or people rather than the air in a room. This means infrared is able to provide an almost instant feeling of warmth. As infrared heating waves are on the electromagnetic spectrum it is invisible to the naked eye but also perfectly safe for us to be around.

We have a range of infrared panels available online depending on what you are looking for, we offer panels in white, any colour on the RAL spectrum for glass panels or you could even get a printed picture finish. This option gives you complete customizability and allows you to match your new heaters to your room’s décor. For more information about infrared heating or to speak to a member of our friendly team get in touch now on 01978 808517 or fill out our contact us form.

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