What is EPS for Solar?

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EPS installed with solar panel system

Is home backup power important to you? Then you might want to consider adding an EPS system (emergency power supply) to your solar panel and battery storage system. An EPS for solar allows you to simply flick a switch and enjoy an uninterrupted power supply while you wait for your power company to restore the supply!

What is EPS or Emergency Power Supply for Solar?

Have you heard of EPS (emergency power supply) functionality for a solar system? Well put simply it’s a switch which allows you to power your home’s essential appliances from power stored within batteries during a power cut.

What is EPS for solar?

Are you unfortunate enough to live in an area that experiences a fair few power cuts each year? With the rise in energy demand, the UK government believes more and more homes could face power cuts each year due to energy shortages!
EPS or to give it its full name emergency power supply is the ability to power your home from battery storage. Providing you with power to your home in the event of a power cut. Unfortunately, this changeover from Grid power to power stored within your batteries is not automatic. This is because solar panels should be disconnected from the Grid by law in the event of a power cut. There are a few inverters that are exceptions to this law.

What are the EPS options with solar?

There are a few different levels of EPS that are available each one offers a different level of power in the event of a power cut.

Level 1 – Automatic Socket

This is the easiest and most cost-effective way of maintaining a small amount of power during a power cut. This disengages the inverter from the Grid and connects one 13A socket to the EPS output of an inverter. This socket will be live a few seconds after a power cut. Allowing you to power small loads like lights and mobile phone charging. The discharge of energy is capped at your inverter rating.

Level 2 – Automatic Circuits

This involves an extra consumer unit and some wiring to allow your inverter to operate one or more circuits. This could typically be your lights or an important appliance like the fridge. This will become live again a few seconds after a power cut. This method cannot be used to power a whole house due to the limited amount of power that it can draw.

Level 3 –Whole House Manual

This involves rerouting the grid connection and the main house consumer unit to go through your battery system. When you experience a power cut you can then manually turn off any high power loads in your home and switch over to power being pulled directly from the battery. This allows you to choose what is important to maintain power to.

Level 4 Automatic Whole House

Setup in a similar way to the manual whole house this allows you to power your entire house with a Grid supply. This system is capable of managing high loads and automatically switches over to the battery in the event of a power cut. This option does require a large battery or multiple batteries to supply your home.

Do you need battery backup?

If you’re thinking about getting EPS installed within your solar panel system you should consider how often will you use it.

  • Are you in an area that suffers from multiple power cuts? Do they last for extensive amounts of time?
  • Do you work from home or have important devices or hardware that need to remain powered at all times?
  • Will the amount of battery storage you get installed be enough to run what you require?

How does an EPS work?

EPS systems allow your home or business to maintain a power supply in the event of power cut or failure. This power is drawn from within your storage batteries. The level of EPS you have installed dictates how much of your home you can power with stored energy. The amount of battery storage also limits how long your home can run without power from the Grid.

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