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What does commercial electric car charger installation cost?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
EV charger plugged in to car

Many businesses are keen to introduce electric vehicle (EV) chargers but don’t know where to begin. How do you begin the process, and what does commercial EV charger installation cost?

Commercial EV Charger Installation Costs

The EV market is rapidly growing, as is the demand for public charging ports. For business owners, this could present a profitable opportunity to get ahead of the curve. In this blog, we set out some of the considerations to work out what does a commercial electric car charger installation cost a business?

Why install a commercial EV charger?

First off, it’s important to consider why you’re looking at EV chargers. Are they for staff use? Fleet vehicles? Or a public-facing commercial service?

The usage will help determine the power and type of charger you need. If you’re looking to introduce customer-facing public EV chargers then this can provide an additional stream of income to your business, which is bound to continue growing as the EV market expands.

EV chargers have the double benefit of increasing footfall and visibility to your business, as you’ll be listed on charging apps such as Pro EV Power and Zap-Map, which will put your location on the screens of local EV drivers.

What power level do you require?

The second important consideration is the level of power you’ll require, as well as the number of chargers.

EV charging power is often split into three ‘levels’, describing different outputs.

Level 1 — the lowest output of EV chargers, which are best suited for domestic use. These are compatible with domestic energy supplies and offer simplicity and convenience.

Level 2a higher output AC charger which charges faster than Level 1. These operate from a 240v supply and are used in both domestic and commercial spaces for speedier charging. Within Level 2 there are a range of chargers with varying power output, from 7kW up to 22kW.

Level 3the fastest and most powerful chargers available. These require high voltage DC supply to charge EVs super fast, at rates of up to 350kW. Level 3 chargers tend to be the largest charging units.

It’s vital to think about your business and the type of charging you’ll require. Do you need speedy charging for a fleet of work vehicles? Are you offering ‘while you wait’ charging to customers?

Commercial EV Charging Costings

As you’d imagine, as the power level of chargers increases (and charging time decreases), costs go up.

Level 2 chargers are available from around £1,000 and up. Super-fast ‘Level 3’ DC chargers can be significantly more than that.

There may also be costs associated with infrastructure, wiring and installation depending on the type and number of chargers, and the existing electrical infrastructure.

Benefit from current government grants

The good news is that you can currently benefit from government grants for commercial EV charger installation. For each charger installed at a business premises, you can claim up to £350 in funding to offset against the cost.

R-EV Power is recognised as a supplier and installer by the government Office for Low Emission Vehicles, meaning we can take you through the whole process of planning and installation, and ensure you access the funding available to you.

For a quote, or a friendly chat about your organisation’s EV needs, speak to our team today.

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