The benefits of installing an EV charger at your business

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EV charger plugged in to a car

Why Install EV Chargers at your Business

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly popular, there are a number of advantages for businesses who install EV chargers. Read on to see how installing charging points can benefit your business.

A great employee benefit

The strength of any business is its people, and on-site EV chargers can be a great employee benefit.

Employees are increasingly environmentally minded and in a recent US survey an overwhelming majority said they’d be far more likely to choose an electric vehicle if their workplace provided charging facilities.

As driving habits shift increasingly towards EVs, offering at-work charging could be a great part of your employee offer, helping to attract and retain talent.

Future-proof your business

By 2030 the UK will have phased out petrol car production, meaning all new cars will be EVs. It’s estimated that by as soon as 2025, a quarter of all vehicles sold will be electric.

As we head towards full electrification, now is the perfect time to future-proof your business. It’s a great time to get in on the ground floor and make use of the available incentives (more on which below).

Laying down important fuelling infrastructure now will allow your business’s fuelling capability to grow with the pace of demand, whether that’s for employee cars or your own fleet vehicles. 

Make use of government grants

For businesses which adopt EV chargers now, there are government grants available to help with the cost of installation.

These grants stretch to around £350 per charger, meaning that now could be a uniquely affordable time to install EV chargers.

Support your sustainability goals

Businesses are increasingly aware of environmental costs of their organisation, and are keen to step up with bold sustainability goals.

Installing an EV charger is a simple step to put sustainability firmly on your agenda, reduce environmental impact and support your green efforts. EV chargers can also help your business attract sustainability-minded clients, customers and employees, creating a virtuous loop.

If you’re seeking an industry accreditation or ‘green’ status then EV chargers can form a significant part of your sustainability plans as a business. And committing to support sustainability — for yourself and your customers — can help build brand reputation and loyalty.

Increase customer convenience

More and more customers are driving EVs and searching for places to charge. So where better than at your business location?

An electric charging point is a simple way to boost convenience for your existing customers. In a recent survey, a majority of consumers said they’d stick with a brand rather than shifting to another similar business they viewed as ‘less sustainable’.

EVs can also be an excellent way to attract new business. Chargers are public and visible — both from the street and on EV-specific map apps — which is a golden opportunity to gain greater visibility and footfall for your business.

You could even make a profit

If you’re a service or retail business then that greater visibility and footfall can lead to an indirect increase in profit, as those using the chargers also spend in store.

Chargers can create direct income streams too, by selling electricity to EV drivers. There are a few ways to approach this and secure a sustainable stream of additional income for your business.

Your business can benefit from an EV charger. There are a number of options available, and R-EV Power can help you find the right fit, with honest pricing and quick and easy installation. Speak to our team today to see what would be the best option for your business.

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