How Solar Panels Can Help Agricultural Businesses Thrive

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solar panels at a farming business

How Solar Panels Can Help Improve Farming

In the ever-changing world of farming, where being eco-friendly and efficient matters, solar panels are becoming game-changing. As the demand for clean and green energy sources grows, farmers are turning to solar power not just to save money but also to do their bit for the environment. In this article, we’ll dive into how solar panels can shake things up for farmers, providing huge cost savings, while being mindful of our planet.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Agricultural Businesses

Cutting Costs and Going Green:

Solar panels have the potential to change how farms work by offering a clean and renewable energy source. Farmers can use sunlight to generate electricity, reducing their reliance on traditional power sources while saving money. Going solar also means a significant drop in the farm’s carbon footprint, which is a big deal as more and more consumers look for products that come from environmentally conscious farms.

Money Matters and Independence:

Choosing solar panels for your farm isn’t just about saving money now, it’s an investment that provides long-term benefits. Despite the initial cost, solar panels pay for themselves over time, generally in less than 5 years. They provide a steady source of energy, protecting your farm from the ever-increasing energy price hikes. Having the ability to generate solar power means you always have a source of electricity, even if you’re in a more remote location where getting power from the grid could be tricky.

The Installation of Solar Panels for Farms

Planning and Finance Options

Putting up solar panels on a farm requires some careful planning. Things like how much space is available, how much sunlight the area gets, and how much power the farm uses all need to be considered for it to work well. We at Rawson Solar can fully assess your energy requirements and help with planning to ensure we deliver a system that meets your unique needs. We also have a host of finance options available to help with the upfront costs of a solar panel installation.

Government Incentives for Solar Panels in Farming

While there aren’t any government incentives for solar panels in the UK currently, the UK does have an export tariff which guarantees a fixed payment for every kilowatt-hour of electricity generated by solar panels. This export tariff can provide a stable income stream for farmers from any unused solar power. You could also explore a PPA for your farm.

Farming Grants for Solar Panels

Recently a new round of funding has become available if you are looking to install solar on your farm. The improving farm productivity grand round 2 is available as of January 2024 offering up to 25% of the cost of eligible items such as solar panels equipment. There is a minimum of £15,000 available up to £100,000 specifically for solar equipment. Find out more about the improving farm productivity grant round 2.

Environmental Impact of Solar Panels Within Farming

Choosing to adopt solar power for your agricultural business isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the planet too. By utilizing the sun’s rays instead of fossil fuels, your farm can help to make a big dent in the amount of pollution produced within the agricultural sector. Using a cleaner and renewable energy source will help your farm business keep crops growing or your animals in the best condition.

Challenges When Considering Solar Panels

While there are many benefits to solar panels in an agricultural business there are also some hurdles. The first is the initial cost of installation. Even though solar will also pay off in the long run, your business may not be in a position to have the initial upfront costs available. We at Rawson Solar can help to make this initial cost easy to manage with different payment options such as finance and PPA’s. Another hurdle may be the availability of space within your property, sometimes there may not be enough space for solar panels on the roof of your farm buildings. In this situation, we can consult with you to determine if your land can have ground-mounted solar installed, or if we consider a different building that is more suitable for solar panels.

The Future of Solar Power in Farming

As technology gets better, solar panels are becoming more efficient, affordable and accessible to farming businesses. With ongoing research and development into solar technology, we expect even greater improvements, to be seen over the years. As the demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to be adopted by the agricultural industry, we expect to see solar panels becoming commonplace within the agricultural sector.

In conclusion, installing solar panels on your farm isn’t just about generating a sustainable source of energy for your business, it will also ensure your business is protected from future energy price increases as well as increase your green credentials and make you the agricultural business of choice by customers nationwide.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to solar panels for your farm, get in touch with us today.

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