Solar panels for schools to boost green credentials

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solar array on top of a school

Installing solar panels for schools

The educational sector is always looking for ways to reduce costs and boost their green credentials and the installation of solar panels in schools is a great way to achieve this. Solar panels for schools have many benefits. Not only do they reduce your carbon footprint, they also generate a great deal of power.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of solar panels for schools:

Reduce energy bills

Schools that choose solar panels can reduce their energy bills by up to 70%. Additionally, it is estimated that school energy costs are around 25% more than what is actually needed to run its day-to-day operations. As a result, many schools and colleges are taking advantage and installing solar power systems as a long-term, cost-cutting measure.

Schools can make significant savings while benefitting from a system that requires little maintenance. And there’s no need for costly or regular repairs and upgrades for it to run efficiently.

Bespoke to your requirements

Our commercial solar panel installations are always bespoke to your requirements and buildings. The process is also straightforward and there’s no need to schedule the installation during school holidays, we can work around term time and we will ensure to minimise any disruption to teachers and students.

Provides a genuine learning experience for students

There’s no better way to demonstrate to your students that are you committed to sustainability than a solar panel installation. You can use the project as a tool to directly engage students in geography, design, science and technology, and even inspire the entire local community to get involved with tackling climate change.

Lead by example

Installing solar PV panels on your school not only serves as an educational tool for students and their families to learn more about producing renewable energy, it can also help you achieve a Green Flag environmental award. It demonstrates the proactive steps taken in decreasing carbon emissions while easing pressure off the National Grid that other schools and educational institutions can follow.

Become self sufficient

Solar energy is a renewable and unlimited power source, so you have less reliance on grid supply, helping to decrease your fossil fuel usage while giving you greater self-sufficiency.

Government funding

In some cases, a commercial solar panel installation can be 100% funded by your local Government under schemes such as Energy Efficacy Financing (EEF) and Power Purchase Agreement programmes. Visit https://solar-grants.co.uk/solar-panel-grants-for-schools/ to find out whether your school will qualify.

R-EV Power can provide a bespoke solar installation quote for your school and work with you to achieve government funding to make it a cost-effective installation.

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