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As the leading solar panel installers in North Wales. We supply and install solar panels across North Wales for homes and businesses. We can help you harness North Wales’s ample sunshine to power your home or business more efficiently.

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Pay 0% VAT on Solar and Battery installs on North Wales domestic properties until 2027.

Flexible finance options for commercial and domestic installations.

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Solar panels are easy and cost-effective to maintain

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Rawson Solar are your trusted, local solar panel installers in North Wales specialising in domestic and commercial properties.

Solar Panels North Wales

With energy prices increasing what feels like daily, is it time you looked into powering your North Wales home or business with a cleaner and renewable source of energy such as solar panels?

Solar panels have been around for a number of years but it’s only recently the world has begun a drive towards carbon net zero. We at Rawson Solar see the benefits installing solar panels bring to your home or business in North Wales. Having completed many solar panel installations in North Wales, we’ve helped home and business owners save ££££’s on their electricity bills. Adding solar battery storage allows you to save even more, whether you add to an existing solar array or have as a standalone product. You have the ability to store excess electricity or charge your solar batteries at cheaper night rates.

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solar panels north wales on a roof top with frost covering
What is Solar PV?

Solar PV also known as Solar Photovoltaics is a reliable and free way of utilising the suns powerful rays, producing energy capable of powering your North Wales home or business. Solar PV produces power from daylight and does not require direct sunlight, perfect for our North Wales weather where the sun might not always make an appearance!

How do Solar Panels Work North Wales?

The way in which solar panels work allows you to mount them to rooftops or have them ground mounted in North Wales. Solar panels capture sunlight, which is then absorbed by the PV cells creating electrical charges, which allow electricity to flow as a DC voltage. Inverters are then used to convert DC voltage into a useable AC voltage, which can be used to power appliances within your North Wales home. If your solar panels in North Wales generate excess solar power, you can sell this back to the Grid to create a passive income.

solar panels mounted to the roof of a building at plassey Wrexham North Wales
Why install solar panels North Wales?
Reduce carbon emissions

Solar panels help to reduce your carbon footprint as they generate a renewable source of carbon free electricity.

Increase property value

Adding solar panels will likely increase property value as you’re effectively creating your own energy to use or sell to the grid.

Independence from the grid

With rising energy prices, installing solar panels will reduce your reliance on the grid, protecting you from price increases.

24 Hour Power

Adding battery storage will leave you less vulnerable to black and allow you to run on virtually free electricity all day.

Finance Options for Solar Panels North Wales

At Rawson Solar, we have a range of finance packages on offer that will allow you to reduce your energy bills even if you don’t have the upfront capital.

We can offer flexible finance options with low deposits and a choice of monthly terms that have been designed to best suit your available budget. There are also hire purchase and lease options for 1-5 years for commercial businesses to ease the upfront financial pressure.

As part of the government’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050, there may be funding available to help UK businesses.

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solar panels installed on rooftop of BGE automotive North wales
Installing Solar panels in North Wales

Unsure of the solar panel installation process in North Wales, don’t worry! Our team of experts are on hand to guide you through from your first phone call.

We have experience installing hundreds of solar panel system in North Wales on many different property and roof types throughout Wales. Installing solar panels on your property comes with a host of financial benefits, such as providing a cleaner, renewable free source of electricity which you could combine with battery storage. This provides an additional source of income, allowing you to sell any excess solar power back to the Grid.

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