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Solar battery storage is it right for you?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Solax storage batteries installed

Solar battery storage, why do you need it and what benefits does it offer? We’ve briefly touched on the benefits, but read on for even more details:

  • Store your surplus solar energy
  • Reduce your green waste
  • Save even more money on your energy bills with battery storage
  • Gain independence from The Grid
  • Have a backup power supply

Everything you need to know about solar battery storage.

In this article, we’re going to at solar battery storage, whether it is right for you, why you should get battery storage fitted and what benefits it offers when fitted alongside solar panels.

Solar battery storage is it right for you?

Solar battery storage units are made up of lithium cells, which are able to store energy inside them. Although not a necessity for solar battery storage, they do work best and offer more benefits when installed alongside solar panels. Solar batteries can be charged via the excess solar energy generated from solar panels, for later use.

solax batteries lined up

Where does solar battery storage work best?

Solar battery storage is most useful when excess solar energy generated by solar panels would be lost. By lost we mean sold back to The Grid. Excess energy is exported back to The Grid when solar panels generate more solar energy than your home is able to consume. This generally occurs when a home is unoccupied during the hours of 9am-5 pm. These are the peak sunlight hours in the UK. Having solar batteries installed allows this excess energy you are generating to be stored for use at other times. This saves a considerable amount of money on future electricity bills as you are making use of all the generated solar power, rather than selling back to The Grid.

Where is best to locate solar battery?

Solar batteries come in many different shapes, sizes and capacities, so knowing where to install them safely can be tricky. Solar batteries require a few things to operate effectively. Ventilation is key, a big open space such as a garage, utility room or loft is generally better to house them. As they can weigh a fair bit, sometimes installing them in the loft is not feasible. All solar batteries we supply are weatherproof with IP65 protection. So if you don’t have sufficient space to store them within your home it’s not an issue. We can install them in an alternative suitable location outside of the home. Solar batteries are usually found mounted to walls but they can also be floor mounted, this provides ample opportunity to find a suitable location to install inside or outside the home.

Making the most of smart tariffs

As most energy customers now have smart meters installed in their homes, more people can access smart tariffs. These are special rate energy tariffs available to those with EVs or solar panels. These smart energy tariffs are perfect if you have or plan to get solar battery storage. Utilizing these smart tariffs correctly, you can charge your solar batteries at a cheaper night rate. This stored energy can then be used in your home during the day or night to reduce your reliance on The Grid and reduce your overall electricity bills.

smart meter in use


We have listed some frequently asked questions we get asked about solar battery storage.

Can solar batteries be replaced at the end of their life?

Yes, solar batteries can be replaced with new ones once they come to the end of their life. Generally, solar batteries come with a 10-year warranty.

Does solar battery storage benefit from 0% VAT?

VAT has been reduced to 0% for any solar panel system installed, however, standalone solar battery storage systems do remain at 20% VAT. If your installing solar batteries at the same time as having solar panels installed the whole project benefits from 0% VAT.

How long will a solar battery storage system last?

As with all batteries that are charged and discharged (think of your phone battery), solar batteries will degrade over time, approximately at a rate of 2-3% per year. Our solar battery storage systems have a 10 year warranty, however, they will usually last up to 20 years and beyond.

Can I retrofit solar battery storage to existing solar systems?

Yes, you can install solar batteries at a later date. We just use different equipment. For example, if installing solar panels and batteries at the same time, we would use a hybrid inverter. If adding batteries to an existing system, we would use an AC-coupled inverter.

If you’ve read our handy blog and still have questions about getting solar batteries then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to assist with all queries. Alternatively, you can also find out more about domestic battery storage solutions on our website.

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