Solar and Storage

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Solax 5.8 batteries

In this article we are going to look at solar and storage, so how do you store the solar energy that you’re making that you’re not able to use that day?

Whether you have solar panels installed at home or at your commercial business you may be experiencing this problem. But we have an answer.

Solar battery storage solutions

This can solve your solar and storage problems. But what is solar battery storage? Well, it is exactly what it says on the tin, a battery that is able to store your solar energy, similar to any other battery. If you have your solar panels connected to a solar battery, then any excess you don’t use is simply stored within the battery. If you don’t have a battery system all your excess is exported back to the National Grid. Although this does result in extra income, you could be utilising this excess energy elsewhere. For example, when you’re using more energy than your solar panels are producing or during the evening or night when the sun isn’t out.

How does a solar battery work?

So, how does a solar storage battery work, they store the direct current (DC) that is produced by your solar panels. So when your solar panels are busy producing energy that you aren’t able to use, the solar battery will begin being charged up by this excess. Rather than it being exported to the National Grid. This then gives you a store of electricity to call upon when your solar panels are no longer producing or when electricity costs are higher.

However, your home needs alternating current to power appliances, this is where a built in converter within the batteries turns the DC into AC, which is safe for use in your home or business. Once your batteries are fully charged any excess will be exported back to the Grid. So if you have high-capacity batteries installed you could always be using stored electricity rather than paying to draw it from the National Grid.

Although we have said batteries are perfect for solar panels, they can also be used as a stand-alone system or you could even combine their use with a wind turbine to store energy.

Benefits of solar and storage?

Storing your excess solar power

Having storage batteries installed means you can store any of the excess solar power your generating. This is beneficial as the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours a day so gives you a supply to use when you normally wouldn’t have any.

Gain energy independence

Solar batteries allow you to be more self-sufficient. Solar batteries allow you to rely less on electricity from the National Grid. This will also provide you with some protection from increasing electricity costs.

Save money and increase green credentials

Having battery storage means you keep all the solar energy you produce, effectively reducing what you spend on energy from the Grid. As the energy from your solar panels is green renewable energy this can also increase your green credentials. Lowering your carbon footprint and bills.

Back up energy supply

Batteries store electricity to call upon at a later time, so, in the event of a power cut you could use this energy to power your home or commercial premises. You will need to ensure your batteries are set up in this way first though, speak to your electrician who installs them to find out how this work.

How much does battery storage cost?

The cost of having a solar battery installed can vary on a few factors. Which battery do you want, the capacity of the battery, and whether you are fitting it to an existing system or installing it when getting solar panels. If you plan on getting solar panels and battery storage at the same time you can pay 0% VAT on domestic installations.

If you’re looking for a quote for solar and storage or just for a battery storage then get in touch, we can discuss your requirements and advise you of the best solution available to meet your needs. We are based in Wrexham, North Wales which makes us central to most areas in the North West of England and all of North Wales.

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