Solar Panel Installations For Agricultural Farms

Save thousands with solar panels for farms and agriculture.

We are a leading supplier and installer of solar panels for farms, landowners and agricultural businesses in North Wales and the North West. We have a range of finance options available for businesses wanting to save thousands on electricity costs by harnessing the power of solar. Getting solar panels installed at your farm or agricultural business can help turn your unused roof space or land into a money-making asset for your business, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint while also significantly reducing your electricity bills.

Join other agricultural farms who are saving with solar panels!

Reduce your energy costs.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Increase the value of your land.

Reduce your reliance on the Grid.

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Solar panel installations for UK farms. Rawson Solar are your trusted, local agricultural solar panel supplier and installer in North Wales and the North West.

Solar Panels for Farms or Agricultural Buildings

Do you own a farm or have an agricultural business, then you’re probably consuming a lot of electricity running your business. With the cost of electricity increasing year on year, many farms and agricultural businesses are looking to install solar panels to reduce their electricity bills, maintain profitability and reduce their carbon footprint.

With huge roof spaces and fields of vast unused land, farms can be the ideal locations for large solar PV arrays, which can help to offset the huge daily electricity costs and help protect your business from future price rises. The huge uptake of solar panel installations in the agricultural sector speaks volumes of the reliability and huge returns that are offered by solar panels.

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Benefits of agricultural solar panel installation
Reduce your carbon footprint

Committing to solar panels for electricity production with help reduce CO2 emissions and improve green credentials.

Diversify your land-use

Solar panels can work with dual land use in mind so land can be grazed by cattle or sheep while solar panels are in situ.

Reduce your business overheads

Installing solar panels can reduce your energy output costs which in turn will help increase the profit from your agricultural business.

Protection from power outages

Generate and store your own energy, reduce your reliance on the Grid and protect your business from potential power outages or shortages.

Is your farm or land suitable for solar panel installation?

You own a farm or land in the UK and are wondering if it’s suitable for solar panels. Well, yes it is. The UK receives a good amount of sunlight, especially throughout summer, although we may be lagging behind on what you get in sunny Spain.

But you might not be aware that solar panels do not require intense all-day sunshine to produce solar energy. In fact, you don’t even need direct sunlight to produce solar energy. Solar panels are able to produce solar energy even on a grey cloudy day, so there perfect for those less-than-sunny UK days. Even more perfect if you own a farm or have land with lots of ample roof or ground space to spare.

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Financing your agricultural solar panel system

Sometimes the upfront costs associated with an agricultural solar panel installation aren’t available to your farm business. To help with the upfront costs of an agricultural solar panel installation, we have a range of finance options available such as hire purchase and lease options. Once solar panels have been installed they begin generating electricity which can be used to offset the costs of any finance payments you have to make.

There are also grants  available for farm business owners such as the Improving farm productivity grant.

Power Purchase Agreements for farms and agricultural buildings

Have you heard about power purchase agreements also known as PPA? A PPA allows you to have solar panels installed at your farm or agricultural building without the capital outlay. The PPA provider maintains the solar array on your behalf and sells you the generated electricity at a pre-agreed rate per kWh.

This rate will be significantly lower than your current electricity costs allowing you to benefit from a reduced rate for many years. For more information about PPA’s contact our sales team who will be able to guide you through the process.

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