Rawson EV Power Proudly support Wrexham Football Club

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wrexham football player kicking a ball

Now proudly support Wrexham Football Club

You may have seen recent news that Rawson EV Power is now proudly sponsoring Wrexham Football Club, the partnership just made sense as we are such big fans of the local club ourselves.

You’ll have seen and heard all the buzz around this football club, since two big-name Hollywood stars decided to buy a small team in Wrexham. There’s been a huge buzz since so we decided to throw our support behind the team and sponsor them.

Okay, so we aren’t exactly Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny buying the club, but for the newly created Rawson Group, it has been a fascinating time seeing all our company logos up on the football club’s new LED advertisement boards.

These new LED boards debuted in their 3-0 home win over Bromley. There was a range of other local businesses advertising on the boards, with a few humorous messages from the new owners, including;

  • Rob is allergic to shellfish… and Ryan to criticism.
  • We are with you in spirit… but not the bad haunting horror movie kind.
  • Mythic Quest Season 2 is also out on May 7th on Apple TV+.

Our sponsorship

The new LED advertisement boards are the latest steps being taken to re-shape the way the club is run off the pitch, to drive the club’s commercial opportunities. We are excited to see what the future of the club is and the wider impact it will have on the city and local communities connected to it. That’s the reason we decided to get behind them with the support, not to mention there’s a fair few Wrexham fans that work here.

coverage of wrexham game from tv

Rawson Group was created and launched to coincide with the new advertisement. Rawson Group is a website that consists of our 3 Rawson businesses, Digital, IT, and EV Power, making our other businesses more accessible to new and existing customers alike. If you haven’t already, make sure you have a look and visit our other websites here.

Photographs Courtesy of Wrexham Football Club

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