Solax Triple Power Battery

Domestic Battery Storage

The Solax triple power storage battery is a new triple power high voltage battery storage solution perfect to pair with solar panels, or it can even be installed as a sole battery for back up power. The battery has a storage capacity of 5.8kWh.

  • Floor or wall mounting
  • Long life cycle
  • 10 year warranty
  • Back up source of power
Full product description

The Solax triple power storage battery can be installed in series with up to 4 batteries enabling a total battery storage of 23kwh. This newer version of the triple power battery features LFP technology which ensures safer installations with much wider temperature tolerances. The triple power battery comes with a 10 year warranty and 90% depth of discharge. This battery is perfect to pair with your solar panels to enable you to store any left over solar power generated by your panels. With a cycle life of up to 6000. The battery can be floor or wall mounted with an IP55 rating meaning it can be installed outside if there is adequate protection against the weather.