SolarEdge Home Power Optimizer

Domestic Solar Panels

The SolarEdge home power optimizers are supplied with all SolarEdge home hub inverters. The purpose of the SolarEdge power optimizer is to ensure you get the most power generation from your solar panels.

  • 25 year warranty
  • High efficiency 99.5% peak
  • Uses industry-first innovative safety features
Full product description

SolarEdge power optimizers are fitted to all solar panels when paired with a SolarEdge home hub inverter. As solar panel power production can be affected by multiple factors when installed, SolarEdge has designed power optimizers to mitigate these factors. One main factor that affects the effectiveness of solar generation in solar panels is shading. When a solar panel is affected by shading either partially or fully the entire array’s power production drops. The fitting of SolarEdge power optimizers ensures the solar energy production of each solar panel becomes optimal. The use of optimizers also allows you to fit panels on different elevations of your roof without compromising on power generation.

When you choose a SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter we will fit the SolarEdge power optimizers to ensure you get the most from your solar panel system.