SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter

Domestic Solar Inverter

The SolarEdge home hub is like having a manager within your home controlling every aspect of your solar energy production. Capable of controlling your battery storage, optimizers, back up applications and any additional smart energy devices you may connect to the system.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Up to 200% DC Oversizing
  • IP65 rated
Full product description

The SolarEdge home hub inverter is available from 3kW up to 10kW depending on your requirements. SolarEdge’s home hub is one of the most efficient inverters available on the market with a record breaking weighted efficiency of 99%! Such efficiency allows you to take advantage of all the power that is generated by your solar panels. With DC oversizing of up to 200% available on SolarEdge inverters, this ensures you can make full use of the power generated by your solar panels even when they are on different strings, pitches or orientations. The free-to-use mySolarEdge app provides insight into the performance of your solar system, management of batteries and smart devices as well as allowing you to quickly resolve any system issues. Every SolarEdge home hub is IP65 rated meaning if you don’t have the space to house these within your home or business they can safely be installed outdoors. The SolarEdge home hubs come with warranties that range from 12-25 years depending upon output wattage.

All our SolarEdge Home Hub Inverters are fitted in combination with the SolarEdge Power Optimizers to all solar panels.

The SolarEdge home hub pair perfectly with the SolarEdge Home Battery.