Sirius Infrared Mirror Heaters

Domestic Infrared Heating

The Jigsaw Sirius Mirror Infrared Heater range seamlessly blends in with your home with its attractive style. Not only are they stylish but highly efficient meaning you will see a reduction in your heating costs.

  • 10 Year warranty
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to control
Full product description

Jigsaw Sirius Mirror infrared heaters are made in the UK and fully certified. The Sirius mirror infrared heaters are manufactured using the latest glass bonding techniques, ensuring maximum efficiency. The Sirius Mirror range adds style to your home with its unique look that blends fully into any room. A great feature of the Sirius mirror infrared heater is its ability to reduce black mould in any room you install it in, meaning the infrared mirror is perfect for all bathrooms or rooms that may be prone to dampness. The Sirius mirror is wall-mounted only with a slim, frameless design that can have square or rounded edges depending on your requirements.

The Sirius Mirror range is available in different wattages/dimensions to complement any room.

400W (600mm x 600mm)
800W (500mm x 1000mm)
1500W (600mm x 1200mm)