Sandtoft In Roof Solar Panels

Domestic Solar Panels

Have you seen the newest and most stylish way of getting Solar panels for your home? Sandtoft In Roof Solar Panels should be thought of not as an additional item you stick on your roof, but as a sleek and fully integrated panel that becomes part of your roof. Ideal for domestic property where space could be limited.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Save building materials
  • Stunning integrated look
  • Works with all common roof tiles
Full product description

The Sandtoft in roof Solar tiles have all the benefits of conventional solar panels but being an in roof solar panel they look sleeker and more in keeping with traditional building design. Benefits of installing in roof solar panels means the use of less building materials such as wooden battens and roof tiles. Making solar panel installation easier and faster, while the in roof solar panels are easier to handle and store due to their sleek and slim design. Getting In roof solar panels installed does away with the old ‘bolt-on’ method, as they mount directly to the roof itself in place of tiles. As fewer parts are used from the beginning of in roof solar there is less potential problems occurring in future. While the use of universal flashing allows in roof solar panels to work with all common roof tiles, and come with a superior wind rating of 3420pa, which surpasses any on roof solar wind rating.

Each panel comes with a 15 year product warranty and 25 year performance warrant. MCS 012 certified.