Project EV 7.3kW Single Socket EV Wall Charger 4G RFID

Domestic EV Charger

The Project EV EVA-07S-SE-RFID-4G is a 7.3kW single socket AC wall EV charger that comes with built-in 4G functionality to eliminate the need for a permanent Wi-Fi connection, this charger also has built-in Pro Earth protection.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Fast charging
  • Cable lock system
  • Pro Earth Protection
  • 4G Control no need for WI-FI
From £1,100
Full product description

The Project EV EVA-07S-SE-RFID-4G is a fast charger that is perfect for domestic or commercial properties that don’t have Wi-Fi that is capable of reaching the drive or car park, this functions via a built-in sim card that allows the 4G connection. With added built-in RFID technology, this allows the charger to work with the simple swipe of a card to activate charging. Fitted with a Type 2 socket this charger suits most vehicles on UK roads. Built-in Pro Earth protection prevents escaping electricity current. The sleek charger is also solar compatible, meaning you can charge your electric vehicle from the electricity you generate via your solar panels, if you pair this with the handy Project EV app that lets you set charging times, you can also take advantage of any off-peak charging rates and save £100’s.

One unique feature included is cable lock, which effectively locks the cable into your car and the charger to prevent anyone from unplugging your car overnight or when parked up. Supplied with a market-leading 5-year warranty.

If you do not have a drive or the space to mount this charger to a wall, we can supply optional ground or floor mounts to aid in the installation.