Project EV 7.3kW Dual Socket EV Wall Charger

Commercial EV Charger

The Project EV EVA-07D-SE-W is a single-phase 7.3kW dual socket AC wall EV charger with built-in Pro Earth protection, fitted with a Type 2 socket for charging most electric vehicles currently on UK roads.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Fast charging
  • Cable lock system
  • Pro Earth Protection
Full product description

The Project EV EVA-07D-SE-W is a fast charger capable of charging 3 times faster than a standard 3 pin plug, cutting charging time rapidly. The charger comes with a market-leading 5-year warranty, with built in pro earth protection so no earth spike is required for installation. This charger is compatible with solar panels meaning you can use the electricity generated by your panels to charge up your vehicle, this will help to further reduce your overall motoring costs. There is also a handy app that allows you to set up specific charging times to utilize an off peak electricity rate thus saving even more. If you don’t have a drive these chargers can also be installed on optional floor or ground mounts, and you don’t need to worry about someone unplugging the charger as these come with a unique feature called cable lock, this locks the cable into your car and your charger, giving you complete peace of mind your car can charge safely.