Project EV 7.3kW Dual Socket EV Floor Charger RFID

Commercial EV Charger

The Project EV EVA-07D-SE-RFID is a single phase AC 7.3kW dual socket floor mounted charger with built-in Pro Earth protection, with two Type 2 sockets for charging most electric vehicles currently on UK roads.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Fast charging
  • Cable lock system
  • Dual socket charger
Full product description

The Project EV 73.kw EVA-07D-SE-RFID EV charger comes with a market-leading 5-year warranty and built-in pro earth protection eliminating the need for an earth spike. This dual socket EV charger has fast charging capabilities making it ideal for small commercial properties and domestic homes that don’t have wall space, instead, this simply mounts to the floor, with twin charging guns on allowing you to charge two vehicles at once. Time-shifting capabilities built into this charger allow you to schedule charging times that can save you £100’s a year. A unique feature of this EV charger is cable lock, this secures your charging cable to your vehicle and the charger unit, giving you peace of mind that your car will be fully charged upon your return. Also supplied with RFID technology that allows you to start a charge with a simple swipe of a card.