Project EV 60kW CCS Rapid Dual EV Charger

Commercial EV Charger

The Project EV EVD-60D-CC is a rapid three-phase floor mounted dual socket EV charger, perfect for commercial units as it is supplied with two rapid CCS charging sockets.

  • Dual Charging
  • 5 Year/30,000-Hour Warranty
  • CCS Dual Sockets
  • RFID Technology
Full product description

The Project EV EVD-60D-CC is the perfect commercial charger, utilizing DC power this 60kw unit comes with two CCS charging sockets. This unit is perfect for commercial charging and fleet management, the handy Project EV app makes managing your fleet easy. Dual charging cables allows multiple vehicles to be charged at once allowing a full fleet to be fully recharged within hours. RFID technology within the unit allows a quick and simple charge start from a swipe of the card. Supplied with a 5 year or 30,000 hour warranty whichever comes first.