Project EV 22kW Dual Socket EV Floor Charger RFID

Commercial EV Charger

The Project EV 22kW EVA-22D-SE-RFID is a three phase floor mounted 22kW dual socket EV charger with built-in Pro Earth protection, with two Type 2 sockets ideal for most electric vehicles currently on UK roads.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Fast charging
  • Cable lock system
  • Dual socket EV charger
Full product description

The Project EV EVA-22D-SE-RFID is a fast charger which is capable of charging 3 times faster than our 7.3kw models, making this perfect for small commercial businesses and domestic properties, if you have more than one electric vehicle this is perfect as it is a dual socket EV charger with a socket on either side. Supplied with a floor mount, perfect if you don’t have wall space to install the charger or need it to be installed in a car park. A unique safety feature that comes with all Project EV chargers is cable lock, this effectively does just that, locking your charging cable to your car and the charger. Use of the Project EV app allows you to use time-shifting, this lets you schedule your charging times to start when you can benefit from off peak electricity rates, using this you could save £100’s over the course of a year. RFID technology built into the charger allows you to easily start the charger with a simple card swipe. Supplied with Project EV’s market-leading 5-year warranty.