Project EV 150kW Ultra Rapid Quad Gun EV Charger

Commercial EV Charger

The Project EV EVC-AC44D/DC150D is an ultra rapid three-phase floor mounted DC commercial charging unit equipped with two CCS connections and two 22kw Type 2 charging sockets.

  • Ultra Rapid Charging
  • 5 Year/30,000-Hour Warranty
  • Quad Charging Sockets
  • RFID Technology
Full product description

The Project EV EVC-AC44D/DC150D is the perfect charging unit for commercial premises, being a DC charger with 4 different charging ports, two 150kw CCS fast charger sockets and two 22kw Type 2 sockets, this unit is ideal if you have a fleet of vehicles which you need to keep on the road. Equipped with RFID technology allows any user who has a card to use the charger quickly and easily, simply by swiping a card. The charger comes with a 5-year/30,000-hour warranty, whichever comes first.