Perlight Delta 425W Solar Panel

Domestic Solar Panels

The Perlight Delta solar panel is now more powerful than ever before. The release of the new Perlight delta 425W with high efficiency and a beautiful aesthetic appearance. The all-black solar panel has busbar-less cells increasing the active surface area.

  • 30 year product warranty
  • 30 year performance warranty
  • Busbar-less technology
  • Flexible interconnections
Full product description

The Perlight delta 425W solar panels have 60% less lead compared to a half cell module along with 1.5% more surface area due to the busbar less technology used in each panel. The Perlight 425W has no visible white lines giving a hugely attractive all-black appearance that will look seamless on any domestic roof. The use of busbar-less technology has led to each solar panel having a market-leading efficiency of 21.4%. While the full parallel circuit design improves the performance of the panels when shaded when compared to conventional modules. Lower operating temperatures and high-pressure resistance reduce the risk of micro-cracks or hot spots appearing in the panel, improving performance and prolonging the life of your solar panels. Each panel is Fluorine-free with low Pb levels making them even more environmentally friendly. Fully MCS certified.