Perlight 54 Cell Black 295W Solar Panel

Commercial Solar Panels

The Perlight 54 Cell solar panel is perfect for domestic UK roofs. The compact panel design allows these Perlight solar panels to be installed in much smaller spaces. Making use of all the available space on your roof allows you to fully utilize the solar power generation potential of your property.

  • MCS Certified
  • 12 year product warranty
  • 25 year performance warranty
  • 5 Black Busbars
Full product description

Perlight 54 Cell solar panels are a compact size with PERC technology in each solar panel. PERC works via a layer of cells on the rear of the solar panel, as well as on the front, this makes your solar panel system around 5% more effective than a standard module. The solar panel’s compact size means having a smaller roof isn’t a problem, as an adequate amount of panels can be fitted in to small spaces. Each solar panel is finished in black with black busbars running through the panel. They fit to your roof via a screwless frame, this helps to integrate with new and existing buildings. Each panel has excellent low light performance, and is able to generate power even on a grey day! Each panel is fully MCS Certified.