GivEnergy All in One

The Ultimate in-home battery storage at an accessible price.

Power your home for a fraction of the cost. The GivEnergy all-in-one 13.5 kWh AC coupled system has combined battery and inverter technology into one sleek product, ensuring when space is tight it’s not a problem!

  • 12 Year Warranty
  • Delivers 7.2kW of peak power on top of solar generation
  • Modular design with 6 removable battery packs
Full product description

The GivEnergy All-In One 13.5kWh AC coupled battery is transforming battery storage for your home, at an accessible price for all homeowners. With GivEnergy’s latest innovation, you could save up to 85% on energy bills. The GivEnergy all in one is capable of storing excess energy from solar panels, wind and even hydro or you can charge the GivEnergy all-in-one battery overnight from the Grid. This stored power can then be discharged throughout the day supplying your home with low-price electricity. Being IP65-rated the GivEnergy all-in-one can be installed outside if there is insufficient space within the home. With its modular design, you can easily add more batteries in parallel giving you the potential to have 80kWh of usage energy storage. The technology packed into the GivEnergy all in one is on par with a Tesla Powerwall but comes in at an extremely attractive price!