Easee One 22kW Commercial EV Charger

Commercial EV Charger

The Easee One 22kW EV charger is perfect for commercial businesses fitted with a single Type 2 socket, and the ability to work on single or 3 phase electric. The Easee One has built in RFID technology and pro earth protection.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Weighs only 1.5kg
  • Permanent cable lock
  • Integrated pro earth
Full product description

The Easee One is a fast commercial EV charger that is perfect for commercial properties, as it works with single or 3 phase electric. The Easee One can be a tethered or untethered charger as it has the ability to permanently lock a Type 2 cable into place. The chargers can be connected in series to enable the addition of new chargers quickly. Each charger is packed full of technology with a built in RFID reader, that not only works with Easee RFID cards but can be programmed to work with other RFID tech such as work passes, making it even easier for staff to start a charge. Each charger has IP54 protection so can be installed within your car park. Available in a choice of 5 colours, black, white, grey, blue or red.

We can also supply U-Hooks (for an extra charge) which are specific to Easee chargers to help keep your car park tidy from trailing cables if you choose to go for a tethered version.