Perlight IRT Integrated Roof Tile

Elegant solar tiles that take integration to a new level without sacrificing performance or reliability. The IRT is designed to overcome common problems faced by residential solar installations.
Not only to be a better-looking solution, more in-keeping with traditional building design but also a system that reduces the number of tiles and wooden battens required, which is especially important for new-build projects.
With installers and suppliers also in mind, the IRT is made to be easier and faster to install, easier and safer to handle, reducing damages and difficulties of transportation and even storage, leaving a smaller footprint.

Solar Evolved

A step forward in solar from the decades-old ‘bolt-on’ method of installation to a smarter, more efficient solar building material that truly forms part of your roof.

The Advantages

  • Stunning integrated look
  • More roof coverage
  • Faster installation
  • Save building materials
  • Optimally sized and lightweight
  • High performance
  • Superior wind resistance