OZEV EV ChargePoint Grant 2023

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Quick summary of the OZEV grant.

What does OZEV mean?

Well, it’s the new name for what used to be OLEV, and is quite simply the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles.

What is the OZEV EV ChargePoint grant?

The grant provides 75% of the costs or up to £350 off the cost of purchasing and installing an electric vehicle charger.

In this article, we are going to look at what the OZEV EV ChargePoint Grant is, how you can benefit from it, and how you go about claiming it.

How do I qualify for the OZEV EV ChargePoint grant?

The grant is only for:

  • A homeowner living in a flat
  • Someone living in a rented flat or single use property.

To ensure eligibility for the grant you also must:

  • Have dedicated off street parking
  • Live in a rented property or own a flat
  • Own/lease or have access to an electric or plug in hybrid vehicle that is eligible for the grant.
  • You can’t of already claimed the grant for your electric vehicle.
  • You can also not claim for a second grant if you have 2 EV’s.

The full qualifying criteria can be found here, this detailed the property requirements and the vehicles that are eligible.

What vehicles are eligible for the OZEV grant?

As the grant has replaced the low emissions grant and is now the zero emissions grant, not all plug in hybrids are eligible. Plug in hybrids must have CO2 emissions below 50g/km while all full electric vehicles are eligible. You can find the complete list of all eligible vehicles here.

How do I claim the OZEV Grant?

That’s the easy bit so long as you meet the eligibility criteria we mentioned above. Our team can do all the paperwork and file the claim for the grant on your behalf. You just need to select the charger you want here’s what we can offer, and let us know the information we require to fill out all the paperwork to do with your claim. So once your ready get in touch with us.

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