New Project EV 7KW black charger

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black project ev charger installed

Project EV’s latest release comes in the form of an all-new black 7kW charger. As per popular demand, project EV have announced their new Black 7kW charger which is set to replace their existing silver model. This new black model is the perfect example of how small design changes can keep up with ever-changing tastes and styles.

This matte black design is much more discreet and tidy, meaning that no matter what the design or style of your driveway, this charger won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

The Black 7kW is available right now and will be available at your request. We will be phasing out the Silver 7kW chargers as Project EV does so, meaning black will soon be the only option for your home charger installs.

Want to get your hands on the new black 7KW charger, get in touch now.

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