Is solar battery storage worth it in the UK?

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solax inverter and 3 solax batteries mounted to a wall

You’re thinking about battery storage for your home in the UK? So what are the benefits of battery storage?

  • Store excess solar energy
  • Charge batteries at a cheaper rate
  • Discharge battery energy during peak time
  • Have a backup power supply

Is solar battery storage worth it in the UK?

So you’ve had solar panels installed but you’re not making use of all the power generated by those panels. This could be for a few reasons. You’re not home during daytime hours when your solar panels are producing the most power. This results in all the energy either getting consumed by any appliances left on at home or exporting all the power back to the grid and not benefiting from its use.

Solar panel export

Why is exporting energy back to the Grid such a big no-no? Currently, electricity is around 35p a kW each time you need to draw power from the Grid. When you export unused power back into the grid, they only pay you roughly 5 pence for each kW. All this unused electricity you could be using within your home if you had a way of storing it. This would then in return save you around 30 pence for each kW that you would have purchased from the Grid. These are basic figures and there are tariffs available which may pay you more for the energy you export.

Solar battery storage can also help to reduce your reliance on the Grid. As well as any power stored in the batteries also being able to be called upon in the event of a power cut.

How much could battery storage save?

Well, purchasing storage batteries will of course add an extra cost, they can range from £2,000 up to £10,000 depending on the make, model and capacity. For this reason, we always assess what you need and will never advise you of a system that exceeds your requirements. If you’re installing battery storage at the same time as solar panels you will pay 0% VAT on both. However, if you opt for battery storage at a later date as a solo purchase this would include VAT. Because of this we always make you aware of the benefits of battery storage when installing solar panels to help you save in the future.

How much you save with battery storage depends on many factors. The price of electricity, the price you’re selling energy back to the grid, and how much energy your home actually consumes vs how much is generated by your panels. If your producing more energy than you’re able to use then battery storage will give you significant savings as you’ll reduce the amount purchased from the Grid. With the increasing prices of electricity storing as much free electricity as possible is also going to benefit you. You can also use your batteries to purchase electricity from the Grid at a cheap rate, to then sell back at a dearer on peak price. There are lots of tariffs that allow you to do this so we would recommend shopping around.

What can impact battery storage savings?

Things to consider with battery storage. Ensure you get storage batteries that are correctly sized for your home. If you choose to go with a smaller capacity battery to save money upfront this could end up costing you more. As you’re unable to store all excess energy you will have to purchase more from the Grid. We always advise you of the optimum setup when you request a quote. If electricity prices do begin to drop then this could affect the savings made with battery storage, as prices could drop to a level where purchasing from the Grid is cheaper. We don’t envisage this happening anytime soon but we can all hope!

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