Installing EV charging points at your caravan park

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Why you should consider the installation of EV charging points at your caravan park?

Installing EV charging points at your caravan park allows your guests and staff to charge their EVs more conveniently, you’ll also be adding to the UKs EV charging network. Allowing you to list your caravan park on apps such as ZapMap. Other benefits of installing EV charging points at your caravan park include:

  • Safer – remove the need to use a 3-pin plug, which could become hot when overloaded.
  • Additional revenue – you can charge for the use of EV charging points.
  • Increasing popularity of EVs – help to increase the EV charging network and UKs adoption of electric cars.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – increase your green credentials.

Why Install EV Charging Points For My Caravan Park

If you’re the owner of a caravan park in North Wales, it’s important to consider installing EV charging points for your customers. With the recent surge in the popularity of EVs, and more electric vehicles now capable of towing a caravan, many caravan and holiday parks are installing EV charging points for their customers.

We will discuss the reasons below why you as a caravan park owner may consider the installation of EV charging points at your caravan or holiday park:

The rise of electric vehicles for caravan owners

Car owners across the UK are opting for cheaper are more environmentally friendly ways of running vehicles. According to Zap-Map, there are over 620,000 fully electric cars on UK roads, plus a further 440,000 plug-in hybrids. In November 2022 alone, 29,372 battery-electric cars were registered, giving (battery-electric cars) BEVs a market share of 20.6%. Electric vehicles are now becoming more popular, so it’s the perfect time to make changes allowing you to capitalise on potential new business.

Safety benefits of EV charging points

There are safety benefits for making EV charging points available to your customers. As some caravan owners think a 3 pin socket is perfectly safe for charging their electric car, but there are some serious dangers in doing so. By providing designated EV charging points at your caravan park for electric vehicles, will keep your visitors and caravan park safe from potential hazards.

Make additional revenue

EV charging points can allow you to generate additional revenue from customers wishing to charge their vehicles. Earning you anywhere up to 14 pence per kilowatt hour (kWh) – although this will depend on the model of EV being charged.

In addition to this, your customers are likely to spend more time, and therefore money, on food, drink or leisure-based activities on your caravan site, whilst they wait for their vehicle to be charged.

Generate more visitors to your caravan park

You could make your EV chargers available to customers who are not staying at your site. Listing your caravan park on EV Charging Apps such as Zap-Map, Plugshare and ChargePoint. These apps allow you to increase the visibility of your caravan park or holiday business by offering your EV charging points to those in the surrounding areas to recharge at your site.

This is a great way to generate more visitors to your caravan park who may not have heard about you. Which could encourage these new visitors to use any onsite facilities whilst their vehicle is charging. As well as increased visitor footfall, it could lead to future bookings.

EV Charging Point Grants for Caravan Park Owners

As the government is keen to support the adoption of electric vehicles, grant funding for caravan park owners is available to help pay for the installation of EV charging points. You can claim up to £700 for a dual-socket and £350 for a single socket. Caravan parks and campsites can be eligible for up to £14,000 in grant funding.

Contributing towards a greener planet

Already catering to eco-friendly guests by providing solar energy or green products at your caravan park? Then supporting the use of EVs is the next step. There’s certainly no denying we all need to do our part in preserving the planet.

With more customers traveling to caravan parks and campsites in EVs. We’re seeing a rising demand for caravan park owners to offer EV charging facilities. We are an OZEV-approved EV installer allowing us to claim government grants on your behalf. If you’re unsure of the right locations for your EV chargers we are on hand to advise.

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