Improving Farm Productivity Grant

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The improving farm productivity grant round 2 is now available. This provides a grant towards large capital items such as solar PV systems. Under this grant, you can apply for between £15,000 and £100,000 per applicable business.

Improving Farm Productivity grant

If you own a farm and have thought about installing a solar PV system you might be wondering if there are any grants available. Well, you’re in luck, recently a new round of funding has been announced the improving farm productivity grant. Round 2 of this funding is available for those who specifically want to install solar PV at their farm or horticultural business.

Improving Farm Productivity Grant Round 2

The Improving Farm Productivity Grant Round 2 can provide you with an amount towards the cost of a solar PV system at your farm or horticultural business. This grant is competitive and is not automatically available.

The Improving Farm Productivity grant Round 2 is competitive so it is not possible to automatically get the grant. The grant application process is a 2 stage process.

Funding for solar PV

Under the improving farm productivity grant round 2 there is funding available specifically for solar PV. The minimum in which you can claim for this grant is £15,000 up to a maximum of £100,000, with the grant covering up to 25% of the cost of eligible items.

Items that are eligible for funding under this grant include:

This grant is not available to fund any ground based solar panels, the replacement or repair of roofs to install solar panels, the construction of new buildings for solar panels or the upgrading of existing solar panels or associated technology.

The funding is only available for solar as a renewable project, but solar panels cannot be installed on a north-facing building or a building that has heavy shade. The solar panels must only be installed on a farm building and not residential property, the funding can however be used to invest in battery storage as well as to help connect the system to the national grid to export any excess back into the grid.

Eligibility for improving farm productivity grant

To see if you’re eligible for the grant you can find out more information on the gov.uk website here this section will guide you through the process. We can assist with any quotes you may require to apply for the grant.

An important stipulation of the grant to note, no work is to start nor any money is to be spent before the project start date, this also includes entering into a legal contract or placing orders for supplies and equipment. If you do incur costs before the project start date on the agreement you may invalidate the agreement and will not be eligible for funding.

We at Rawson Solar can provide you with a free bespoke quote for the project as well as offer free help and advice on the project. If you’d like to speak to our expert team get in touch with us now.

If your business is not eligible for this funding there are other ways in which to lower the costs of a solar installation at your farm business, you can read more about PPAs for farms in our blog.


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