How to get an EV charging point installed for your office

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EV charging points in offices and business parks are becoming more commonplace as the ownership of electric cars increases. Electric cars made up 18.5% of all new cars registered in 2021, and March 2022 saw the highest volume of BEV registrations ever recorded in a single month, according to heycar.

Installing EV Charging Points at your Office

Installing electric vehicle charging points at your office or place of work will boost your company’s reputation and levels of employee satisfaction. This article explains how to get an EV charging point installed at your office and the various models you can introduce for your business.

Location of the EV charging point

The thing to consider is the location of the charging point. Ideally, it needs to be close to the site’s power supply as this will help keep the installation cost as low as possible.

We can provide a site visit to help determine which is the best location depending on your requirements and existing building and infrastructure.

Don’t forget to plan ahead and make sure there is enough room to install more charging points in the future as demand is set to increase.

Permission from your landlord

Once you have considered the location of your charging point, you will need to get permission from your landlord if you do not own the building. You can frame your chargepoint installation as a building ‘improvement’ as this is more likely to get your landlord’s approval, and many rental agreements have clauses relating to allowing site improvements.

Financing electric vehicle charging points

A government grant is available for businesses, enabling them to save 75% on the cost of installation per chargepoint capped at £350 per socket and up to a maximum 40 sockets per applicant business.

You will need to use an OLEV-approved installer (like Rawson EV Power), in order to be eligible for the grant.

We can help with your grant application to ensure that its approved quickly.

We also offer leasing arrangements if you don’t want to buy the charger outright.

Choosing the right EV charger for your business

The EV charger you choose for your business is dependent on the needs of your business. If you have a fleet of cars that are in use throughout the day, you will require our Level 150 or 300kW floor EV chargers for fast charging. They have a range from 40-300kw.

Our 7kW Dual Socket Floor Charger is ideal for an office car park or where space may be limited. These chargers are slim, freestanding towers that have dual sockets to allow the charging of two vehicles simultaneously.

The 7kW Pro-Earth is perfect for your employees who can leave their vehicle to charge during their working day.

Business models for electric vehicle charging

There are three common business models to consider when installing EV charging points, and as a business owner you will have to consider whether your intention is purely revenue generating or offered as an employee perk.

  1. Revenue-generating EV charging points

You could offer your EV charging points to your customers and other local businesses and generate revenue from them and compensate for the electricity used. Some organisations offer a discounted rates for employees, but you will need to consider applying different settings and payment methods associated to the charging point.

  1. Offer charging stations free to employees as a perk/benefit

The second option to consider is offering EV charging stations for free to your employees as a benefit. Benefits are a crucial factor in attracting the right talent, and shows that you care for the needs of your staff. It also showcases your green credentials as a business, something that many employees look for.

  1. To attract tenants

This scenario applies to property owners or investors, and in particular those who lease their office space to tenants. You can provide chargers free to business owners, tenants and visitors as a means to attract EV owners, and only charge for the electric usage. This is a great way of attracting more businesses to your commercial building.

After-sales support

Once the EV charger has been installed, we provide after-sales support for your commercial EV charger, supporting you with any technical issues or questions about running your charger for your employees and business.

To find out more about getting an EV charging point for your office, contact us for a free quote.

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