How much is it to install an electric car charger?

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Cost Of Electric Car Chargers

As petrol cars are phased out of production and consumers increasingly turn to electric vehicles (EVs), charging points are becoming a vital part of homes and businesses. By as early as 2025 it’s estimated that a quarter of all UK car sales will be EVs, and this will necessitate a massive increase in charging facilities. Many ‘early adopters’ are already installing EV chargers to future-proof their business.

But how much would it cost to install an electric car charger at your business? We lay out the questions and considerations to help you work it out.

Which model of charger?

Your choice of EV charger will obviously affect cost. The kW rating of a charger will determine the speed of charging, but their viability will depend on the available access and where the charger will be situated. For example, the highest kW rated chargers are currently only available for commercial use.

An EV charger professional will be able to help you determine the best charger for the needs of your business.

Where will it be installed?

One important consideration is where your charger will be installed. Will it be public-facing and accessible to all, or positioned to be accessible only to staff?

You’ll obviously need access to an electrical supply, but also consider access to WiFi or mobile signal, which is necessary for some EVs.

These are questions that an installation expert can help walk you through to find a solution — and a cost — that works for you.

Take advantage of available grants

Some good news when installing an EV charger in the UK is that you can currently benefit from a government OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) grant. Businesses are eligible for grants of up to £350 per charger installed at their business premises.

Ensure that the charger and installation company are eligible for you to access the funding, like R-EV Power. There’s currently no clear end date on OLEV funding, so now is a great time to reap the saving benefits on your EV charger installation.

Buy in full or monthly payments

If you’d prefer not to pay outright for charger installation then consider making monthly payments instead. This is a great way to spread the cost for your business and start feeling the immediate benefits of EV charger access while safeguarding cashflow.

R-EV Power also offers the option to lease chargers with a full maintenance package.

A guide price

While there are a number of unique factors to consider when installing an EV charger, a useful guide price to buy and install a charger is around £1,000. Remember this can change depending on the location and the charger itself.

Consider installing multiple points

The demand for at-work EV chargers is only going to increase, so it’s a good time to consider installing multiple points. We’ve broken down the benefits of installing an EV charger at your business — including the potential for additional income.

If you’re looking to improve sustainability, increase footfall or boost employee satisfaction, an EV charging point is a great choice. Speak to our expert team who can walk you through the options.

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