GivEnergy All In One Battery

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The GivEnergy all in one battery is the latest bit of kit to be released by GivEnergy! The battery system is AC coupled and includes the battery and inverter all in one module. Hence the name!

GivEnergy all in one battery

The new GivEnergy all in one battery is set to rival the dominating battery on the market. The Tesla Powerwall! GivEnergys’ offering comes in at a more affordable price and offers more power, with a very premium look and feel. The all-in-one is a 13.5kWh AC coupled battery system with a built-in inverter. Capable of discharging at a rate of 7.2kWh offering more than the Tesla Powerwall alternative.

What makes the GivEnergy all in one a game changer?

With the GivEnergy all in one you’re getting a 13.5kWh battery with built in isolator, CT clamp, metering, switchgear and the option to add the GivEnergy gateway. Making this battery system a perfect easy to install package for both customers and installers.

Key features of GivEnergy all in one battery

The GivEnergy all in one is a feature-packed piece of kit some of the features include:

100% depth of discharge

Allows you to fully discharge the battery to 0% before recharging, allowing you to make full use of the 13.5kWh of storage.

IP65 rated

Your battery isn’t confined to only being installed indoors, it can be installed outdoors if space is an issue.

12 year warranty

A longer warranty than a Tesla Powerwall!, providing you with complete peace of mind in your batteries performance.

Modular Design

Allows you to easily add extra batteries into the system without incurring additional installation costs.

Backup Power

Pairing with the GivEnergy Gateway can provide backup power to your home in the event of a power cut. The Gateway can also allow your solar array to generate power without a Grid supply. Perfect if you want energy independence.

What does the all in one cost?

As of the 1st of February 2024, all battery storage installations are now exempt from VAT. This means you are now paying 20% less for any battery storage installation, whether you have it with solar panels or as a standalone installation. A standalone GivEnergy install starts from just £7,700 but will depend on your battery storage requirements and the installation location.

Do I need solar panels to have a battery?

If you want to get your hands on the latest bit of technology from GivEnergy we can install it within weeks. Worried you can’t have battery storage without solar panels? This is not an issue, the GivEnergy all in one works perfectly fine without solar panels installed at your home or business. Allowing you to store energy at a cheaper off-peak price to utilise during expensive on-peak times. The battery comes with inbuilt smart algorithms making it the perfect battery to pair with a smart energy tariff from the likes of Octopus.

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