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Solar Panel FAQs

All your questions answered about installing our solar products at your home or business.

How much does a 4kW panel system cost?

Roughly a 4kW solar panel system can cost between £5,000-£7,000.

Do I need a battery with my solar panels?

Although not required you should consider installing a battery so you can store energy when you’re not able to use it, for example, if you’re out during the day you could store energy for use at night.

Are there any grants for solar panel installs?

Currently, there are no grants available for solar panel installations.

Are solar panels VAT free for homeowners?

Yes, solar panel installations are VAT free for all domestic installs until 2027. You can read more about this in our VAT-free blog.

Can my business benefit from zero VAT on solar installs?

No, commercial businesses cannot benefit from zero VAT on solar panel installations, but you can take advantage of a super-deduction until March 2023. You can find out more about the super deduction here.

Where can solar panels be mounted?

Solar panels can either be mounted to the roof or they can be ground mounted.

Are solar panels required on new builds?

Although not a requirement yet, new builds are required to produce a minimum of 10% self-generated energy, although this figure can vary from council to council.

What does DNO mean?

DNO stands for Distribution Network Operator, this is the licensed company responsible for distributing electricity from the national grid to your business or home.

Who is the DNO for my area?

In order to find this out, you can simply visit the Electricity Network Association website.

How long do solar panels last?

The typical life expectancy of solar panels is 25-30 years.

Can I charge my electric car with solar panels?

Yes, if you have a solar-compatible EV charger then you can use the sun rays to charge up your car.

Will solar panels improve my home’s EPC rating?

Solar panels could greatly improve your home’s EPC rating and add value to your home.

Can I use solar panels to heat my water?

Yes, not only can solar panels power your home but they can also heat your water. You will need a water tank and immersion diverter for this.

Do I need to clean my solar panels?

Solar PV systems require very little maintenance throughout their lifetime, and are generally self-cleaning when installed on a pitched roof.

Do solar panels need planning permission?

In many cases fixing solar panels to the roof of a single dwelling house is likely to be considered ‘permitted development under planning law with no need to apply for planning permission.

Can I use solar panels to charge my electric car?

Yes, you can use the power generated by your solar panels to charge your electric car.

Can you fit solar panels onto a flat roof?

Yes, we are able to fit solar panels onto flat roofs. We will consult with structural engineers prior to fitting to ensure the solar panels will not compromise your roof.

Do you supply ground-mounted solar panels?

Yes, we can supply and install ground-mounted solar panels at your home if you do not want them mounted to your roof.

Do solar panels work at night?

No, solar panels do not work at night. They require daylight in order to convert solar energy into electricity.

Do solar panels work during winter?

Yes, solar panels will continue to work throughout winter. This is because solar panels do not require direct sunlight to work they only require daylight.