Infrared Heating FAQ’s

All your questions answered about installing infrared heating panels in your home or business.

What is infrared?

Infrared is a type of electromagnetic wave, we cannot hear or see infrared red waves but we do feel them in the form of heat, similar to what you feel from the sun.

How long do infrared heaters take to heat up?

Infrared heater panels use far infrared and warm up far quicker than conventional heating systems, they take on average 10 minutes to heat up.

Is infrared heating better for my health?

Conventional heating heats air which can help to circulate dust and germs around a room, while the humid air can capture moisture which creates mould or dampness in your rooms. Infrared heating panels do not circulate dust or germs around a room and help to prevent mould build-up.

Is infrared heating safe?

You actually experience the heat from infrared heating every day from the sun’s rays. However infrared heating panels emit this same heat without the UV rays that the sun emits. Infrared is also found in household items such as TV remotes.

Can infrared heating panels help free up space?

A conventional heater has to be placed near the floor for it to heat the room correctly. However, an infrared heating panel can be mounted to walls or the ceiling. This allows you to mount the panels where you need them not where there is available space.

How do I look after my infrared heating panels?

Great news infrared heating panels require no servicing or maintenance, unlike a conventional heating system! However, if you do want to wipe or clean your panels, just ensure they are off before you do so.

Do infrared heating panels make a noise?

Infrared heating panels are silent so you can place them in areas such as bedrooms and offices. Whereas conventional radiators can sometimes make banging and hissing noises.