Battery Storage FAQ’s

All your questions answered about installing commercial or domestic battery storage.

How does battery storage work?

Battery storage works similarly to how a rechargeable battery works. When the solar panels generate electricity that is not needed to power the house any excess is stored within the battery basically charging them. Sometimes you will also need an inverter to convert the AC electricity that’s received into DC electricity that your battery can then store. When you call upon this stored electricity, this process happens in reverse, allowing AC electricity to be used by appliances in the home. This charging and discharging of the battery happens automatically and does not need any user intervention.

Can I charge my electric car from batteries?

Yes, you could use the power stored in your battery to charge your electric car.

How long will a battery storage system last?

Most battery storage systems will last around 10 years.

Can the batteries be replaced at the end of their lifetime?

Yes, batteries can be replaced when they come to the end of their life.

Can I charge batteries from the grid?

Yes, you could charge your batteries from the grid at off peak times to give you a cheaper electricity cost to use during the day when rates are usually higher.

Do batteries work if I’m off grid?

Yes, battery storage systems can work on or off grid if you add solar panels to your home.

What is a cycle?

A battery cycle is one full discharge and a complete charge of the battery. Batteries do not always discharge and recharge at 100% though.

Can I retrofit battery storage to an existing solar system?

Yes, if you would like to add in battery storage at a later date we can fit them.