EV Fleet Management

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EV Fleet Management is a term used to refer to the management of a companies EV fleet. For EVs specifically this includes the overseeing of all charging and infrastructure  as well as usual fleet management tasks such as fleet activity, dispatching and routing, new vehicle acquisition and disposal.

What is EV Fleet Management?

Electric vehicle fleet management is the management of actions that need to take place to keep a fleet of EVs running efficiently and within a budget. Although similar to traditional ICE fleet management, EVs have specific requirements such as battery status, range, charging infrastructure and energy consumption that need to be considered. However, the long-term goal remains the same, maximising vehicle investment and reducing operating costs while also aligning with green initiatives.

What is an EV Fleet?

An electric vehicle fleet is a group of vehicles, usually 3 or more, that can either be owned or leased by a company for business use. With EVs becoming more affordable and a popular choice for environmentally conscious companies, more businesses are now beginning to make the switch to electric cars or vans as a way of reducing their carbon emissions as well as reducing running costs.

What is EV Fleet Management?

EV Fleet Management is effectively just that the management of a business’s vehicle collection. This is to ensure the vehicles continue to run efficiently allowing all business operations to run smoothly. For EVs, this management is different to traditional ICE vehicles.

The role includes:

  • The monitoring of the whole EV fleet evaluating its performance.
  • The use of EV fleet management systems such as Monta to increase productivity, reduce costs and ensure the fleet remains compliant.
  • The handling of vehicle maintenance, driver management and the planning of routes for maximum efficiency.
  • The use of EV fleet management software for real-time data, historical data reports and predictive analytics.
  • Implementation of initiatives to boost productivity, electricity usage and charging costs.

All fleets be they EV or ICE vehicles need to be managed properly to ensure your business operations run smoothly for customers, deliveries or transport.

Why choose an EV fleet?

There are a few reasons to choose an EV fleet over the traditional ICE fleet.

Financial incentives

There are a few grants available to businesses that install EV chargers at their premises. These help to make the installation of EV charging points cheaper. There are also financial incentives and grants available to businesses to purchase EVs instead of their ICE equivalent. All electric vehicles benefit from 0% road tax until 2025, and have a much lower benefit in kind tax. While VAT registered businesses can also claim back 50% of the VAT on vehicle payments or their maintenance costs.

Low maintenance costs

ICE vehicles require more maintenance as they have much more moving parts than their electric vehicle counterparts. This ultimately means that they will have a greater chance of needing repair and maintenance more frequently.

Improve corporate social responsibility

As your customers become more aware of their environment and the need to look after it, your customers will inevitably choose to use companies who are actively looking to protect the environment. Having an EV fleet is a great way to show your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and reducing emissions.

Improve work environment

As an electric vehicle can be a much quieter and smoother vehicle than the alternative ICE vehicles, this allows for a more pleasant working environment for your drivers to be in for prolonged periods. EVs will also not add to pollution in your local area as there are no emissions.

The advantages of an EV fleet

Having an all-electric fleet at your business can transform your business operations, as well as being the more environmentally friendly choice for your workplace.

  • You can charge from anywhere including your business doorstep! By installing your own EV charge points on site you can change vehicles as and when you please and at a price you are comfortable with.
  • The use of integrated fleet management allows all your information to be consolidated into one platform.

There are a whole host of additional benefits having an EV fleet presents:

  • The ability to find EV charging points easily: using apps such as Zapmap displays available charging points along with any costs.
  • The management of payments: EV charging points allow simple payments methods such as virtual wallets, RFID cards or even conventional methods like debit/credit cards.
  • Easy invoicing and administration: using platforms that are specifically created for EV fleets allows for a simple invoicing process.

There are a number of EV fleet management apps that you can use in order to help with EV fleet management, but there are two which we recommend here at R-EV Power. These are the Monta App and the Project EV Pro app.

Both platforms are available as handy apps for on-the-go and have a web based platforms for easy management. Allowing the following functions of EV fleet management:

  • Control over charging your fleet
  • Automatic invoicing and billing
  • Fault and repair management of your EV chargers
  • A simple and easy to use user access interface
  • Pre booking of EV chargers
  • 24/7 customer support should you require it.

You can find out more about Monta app and Project EV Pro and their EV fleet management software.

The future of fleet management

With the undeniable rise of EVs within the UK and the huge growth in commercial companies adopting EVs. Having an effective fleet management platform will make all the difference to your company ensuring the operation of all vehicles is smooth and efficient.

So if you’re looking to add an EV fleet to your workplace get in touch with our specialist EV charging team who can advise on the best charging options for your business and the best management software.

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