Electric Vehicle Charging Near Me

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zap map screen shot showing ev charger locations

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you find electric vehicle chargers near you, as well as the location of fast EV chargers near you, should you be in need of a top-up during a road trip.

How do I find EV chargers near me?

If you are new to EVs you’ll probably be worried that when you’re using your car you’ll run out of electricity and not be able to find the nearest EV charging station. Don’t worry this is common, a lot of people have range anxiety, but newer EVs are now capable of travelling much longer distances without needing a top-up charge. There are now lots of apps and websites that have been created as dedicated sources to help electric car drivers locate the nearest EV charging stations while they’re out and about.

What Apps or websites show the nearest EV chargers?

We’re going to take a look at the different apps and websites that you can use to put your mind at ease about range anxiety when travelling around in your EV.

A very popular choice is Zap Map. If you use Zap Map you can access a very handy live map of the entirety of the UK. This shows you the location of every electric charging point near you. The website also tells you what KW charger is available and any fees associated with charging your car at that charger. There is also a chat in which users can leave feedback about how easy or difficult the chargers were to use.

Another option for finding chargers in your local area is plug share, this works in the same way as Zap Map displaying the location of the charger the type and any fees you would expect to pay for using the charger. This service also allows users to leave feedback regarding the experience of using the chargers.

Overall there are roughly 42,000 electric vehicle charging points located in the UK with that number growing every day. That’s more electric charging points than petrol stations! So if that doesn’t ease your range anxiety we don’t know what will.

How long electric vehicle charging takes

Depending on the charger that you chose to use the time taken to charge your vehicle can vary. Most vehicle chargers that are in supermarkets or public charging points will be 7kw fast chargers these can take around 3-4 hours to fully charge a car. Whereas if you find a 40kW rapid charger usually at petrol stations, motorways services and some supermarkets, these can charge an electric car to full power in around 30-60minutes. These do come with higher costs to charge your electric car but you will also be on your way much quicker.


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