Electric vehicle charger at Farm and Pet Place

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electric charger at farm and pet

Farm and Pet where looking to help their local community and customers by offering an EV charger in their Chirk store. So we stepped up to deliver.

We installed a 40kw Project EV charger its features include:

  • Rapid charging (can charge some EV’s in 30 minutes)
  • Dual Sockets for charging multiple cars at once.
  • The EV charger can be listed on apps like Zap map for others to use
  • Farm and Pet can now sell the kW’s

EV Chargers at Farm And Pet Place

We recently installed a brand new twin-gun 40kw rapid DC electric vehicle charger at Farm and Pet Place in Chirk. When we say rapid we mean it, this charger is quick! At R-EV Power we know time is important to you and the potential customers you may have, and so do Farm and Pet Place which is why after a consultation with our expert team they went with the twin gun rapid DC charger option. No one wants to wait around for hours for their electric car to reach enough of a charge to move on. Well, with this 40kw DC charger, the wait can be cut considerably, this electric charger is capable of charging the average car in around an hour and a half, but given most owners don’t let their electric cars run down to empty the time can be cut considerably.

How to use EV Chargers?

If you want to use the chargers we installed at Farm and Pet Place, you simply need to take along your mobile phone and download the Project EV app for iPhone or Project EV for Android. Charging rates can be found on the app.

We also got a custom sign printed to match their branding and style, which really makes the charger theirs. Installing an electric vehicle charger is a great way to attract people to your business, especially in rural areas like North Wales where public EV charging is yet to be fully adopted, so if you get on it early enough you could become the most convenient location for a lot of people.

Get in touch with us today to discover how EV charging could help your business or learn about what kind of chargers we offer here.

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