Easee One 7.4kW & 22kW available at R-EV Power

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easee one ev charger installed
Features of Easee One 7.4 kW and 22kW at a glance

IP54 rated

3 year warranty

Choice of colours

Lightweight only 1.5kg

Easy to connect in series (commercial use only)

Works with Monta EV management software (commercial use only)

Easee 7.4kW & 22kW EV Chargers now at R-EV Power

You may be in the market for an Easee one 7.4kW or 22kW EV charger, well you’re in luck we now have them available at R-EV Power Wrexham, and installation is available within a few days for domestic properties.

Easee One design

We all have our own opinions, but we think the Easee one is a pretty attractive EV charger. Measuring just 256 x 193 x 106mm it’s a compact little unit which won’t look too out of place when installed. With a matt black finish as standard, and an angled design. The charger has an LED light strip which shows status updates, along with a touch button for using the charger manually.

Easee One in black

Easee One 7.4kW home EV charger

The Easee One EV charger 7.4kW is suitable for single-phase electricity. The Easee One charger looks stylish and can be customized to match your home or car, with 5 different colour options, black, white, red, blue and grey. These are removable covers which can be replaced if you fancy a change. The Easee charger allows you the choice of having a tethered or untethered cable. Useful if you want to preserve the aesthetic of a clean-looking charger. Weighing just 1.5kg the lightweight compact charger doesn’t protrude or look out of place when installed. As well as looking great this compact charger is packed full of features that make owning an EV easy! With a built-in e-sim and Wi-Fi you can make full use of the Easee app. This allows you to check how your car is charging as well as schedule charging times. This is especially useful if you want to make use of cheaper night charging rates offered by most electricity providers if you own an EV.

Easee One 22kW commercial EV charger

Easee also supplies their One charger with a 22kW output this works with single and 3-phase electricity. This is perfect for use in workplace car parks. With the Easee One, you can connect multiple chargers in series, making adding extra chargers in at a later date a breeze. Built in RFID technology in each charger makes starting a charge simple, you can use the Easee RFID cards or the charger can read other RFID tech such as a workplace pass. This allows you to monitor charger usage per user. All Easee One chargers also work seamlessly with the Monta EV management software, helping you to manage your network of chargers easily.

3 year warranty

Whether you choose the Easee One for your home or your business it comes with a 3 year warranty, giving you complete peace of mind should anything go wrong, it can be dealt with quickly and at no cost to you.

Easee One app

If you want to use your EV charger with an app rather than manually, Easee has a great app available for Android and IOS. In the app you can do handy things like lock your charging cable to your charger, delay start times if you want to charge your EV when you are getting a cheaper electricity rate. You can also view helpful information about past charging times and kW usage.

Get an Easee One EV charger now

If you’re ready to get the Easee One EV charger fitted at your home or commercial business. Then get in touch today for a free quote and we could fit your new EV charger within days.

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