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As a leading solar panel installer based in Wrexham, we supply and install solar panels for homes across Chester, Wrexham, North Wales and the North West. We have a huge range of solar panels, inverters and battery storage solutions. Our team of expert solar panel installers are ready to help you save on your energy bills.

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Rawson Solar are your trusted, local solar panel supplier and installer of home Solar panels and solar battery storage for your home, based in Wrexham, North Wales.

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What are solar panels?

Quite simply, solar panels are designed to capture the sun’s rays and convert it in to usable energy. Typically solar panels are mounted to the roof of your home, but can be ground mounted. Generally, solar panels are placed where they can gather as much sunlight as possible. The most common are photovoltaic solar panels often referred to as ‘PV’, these electric not thermal solar panels. The most important thing to note about solar panels, they don’t need direct sunlight to generate electricity, so are ideal for the cloudy grey skies of the UK.

Where can solar panels be installed?

More commonly solar panel installations will be on the roof. Usually, solar panels are installed on pitched roofs. We at Rawson Solar can install solar panels on flat roofs. We consult with structural engineers prior to fitting to ensure the roof will not be compromised by a solar panel installation.

Solar panels can also be fitted to garage roofs and ground mounted. These options are especially useful if your roof isn’t suitable for solar panels or is extremely shaded,  as this will result in poor solar energy generation.

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Why have solar panels installed at home?

Solar panels are quickly becoming one of the most popular money saving installations in the UK. Over one million homeowners have made the switch to solar energy to power their homes, taking advantage of a free and renewable source of energy generation. Solar panels have lots of benefits such as cost savings, reduction in building materials, an increased value of your home and a reduction in your carbon footprint. New builds can benefit from reduced material costs if solar panels are integrated into the roof as this uses fewer tiles. Effectively you can become self-sufficient with a solar panel installation, while reducing your carbon footprint and saving money in the process.

Benefits of installing solar panels at home
Opportunity to make money

Installing solar panels alongside battery storage allows you to store any excess electricity that isn’t used within your home, allowing you to sell it back to The Grid creating an extra income for yourself.

Save on your electricity bill

The main reasons you might want to have solar panels installed would be to save on energy bills. With solar panels installed you are essentially harvesting the sun’s rays and converting it to free solar energy to use within your home.

Increase your EPC rating

Installing solar panels is a great way to boost your EPC rating, generally solar panels add 15 points, which can increase a prospective buyers interest when you’re looking to sell.

Solar is a reliable energy source

Most electricity generated today comes from non-renewable sources like coal and gas, solar panels being renewable, will never run out of power so long as the sun continues to shine.

Free EV charging

If you own an electric vehicle your solar energy can be used to charge your EV, effectively for free (EV charger must be solar compatible).

Increase in property value

Not only can you save on your energy bills, installing a solar panel system can add value to your home, helping to increase the future resale value.

What is the cost of a solar panel installation?

A solar panel installation should be seen as an investment. The exact costs can vary by panel amount, materials, accessibility and labour required. However, over the long term, solar panels can lower your energy bills, protect you from future energy price increases and add value to your home.

The average home solar panel installation is 3.5kW and costs around £5,500 according to the Energy Saving Trust.

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in roof solar panels on a domestic home roof
 Finance options for Solar panel installations

If you looking to get solar panels installed but don’t have the upfront capital we can help.

We offer flexible finance options with a low deposit and a choice of monthly terms designed to best suit your budget. Our finance options are available for 1-5 years.

With solar panels installed it won’t be long before your monthly savings are covering your finance agreement.

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Reduce your energy bills significantly (up to 80%).

Increase your property value.

Zero VAT on solar panel and battery storage installs till 2027.

Store your excess solar panel energy with battery storage.

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