Domestic Infrared Heating Panels

Want to feel comfortably warm and cosy in your home quickly? Infrared heating panels are the perfect solution. Not only are they functional, Infrared heaters are super stylish with many different designs available to complement your home décor.

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jigsaw 400w aluminium infrared heater
What are Infrared Heating Panels?

Put simply an Infrared heating panel is a form of heating technology that uses electricity to efficiently heat an object or person directly, rather than heating the air within a room like a traditional heating system would. Infrared heating panels are fairly new for domestic homes but are much more efficient at heating a room and can provide you with a feeling of warmth in just 3 minutes of switching on! Because infrared heating panels heat the objects or people in the room first they are 30% more efficient than conventional heating systems, with a heat-up time of just 10 minutes. This means very low operating costs as you can switch the panels on and off as required.

How do Infrared Heating Panels work?

Simply put infrared panels work by emitting infrared from the panel this heat then travels through the air until it comes into contact with an object. Once this contact happens the object absorbs the infrared waves, which then cause molecules in the object to vibrate which produces heat. What helps to heat a room quicker is this vibration that happens within the object re-radiates the warmth back out into the room.

We as humans also absorb these infrared waves, but once we come into contact with them they only travel a few centimetres into our body, which provides us with a warm feeling, but don’t worry this is perfectly safe.

800w mirror infrared heating panel in bathroom
infrared heating panel mounted to ceiling
Where can Infrared Heating Panels be installed?

An infrared heating panel can be mounted to either a wall or the ceiling depending on your preference. The Jigsaw bracket system makes installing your infrared heating panel simple and easy to do. All panels are frameless and sit just 2 inches off the wall or ceiling allowing them to blend perfectly into any room. With a choice of white aluminium, glass, mirror and even picture panels there is an option to suit each room of your house. As no is noise emitted from the panels they can be installed in rooms where noise needs to remain at a minimum.

Why install Infrared Heating at home?

Getting infrared heating installed in your home will help you save money on your energy bills. Infrared heaters can have a standard-sized room feeling warm in as little time as 10 minutes, although you will feel warmth within just 3 minutes. Installing an infrared heating panel in a bathroom or another room where you may have black mould caused by dampness or condensation will help to prevent the likelihood of black mould returning in the future, this can be a particular benefit if you have small children or suffer from asthma or other breathing conditions.

All our infrared heating panels can be controlled via smart devices linked to thermostats in each room, this gives you complete control over your heating allowing you to just heat the rooms you require rather than an entire house as you do with a conventional heating system.

glass printed infrared heating panel in lounge
Benefits of installing Infrared Heating at home
Helps prevent black mould

Installing infrared heating panels in rooms which suffer with dampness and black mould will prevent this from reappearing in future.

Reduce your energy use

Infrared heaters heat objects and people within the room not the air around the room, this allows heaters to be used for less time cutting your energy use.

Smart control over your heating

A handy app allows you to not only set a schedule for your heating but also allows you to only turn on the heaters that are required.

Range of panel types

With a huge range available you can customise each panel for every room of your house to enable them to blend in seamlessly.

Atlas mirror infrared heating panel in lounge
An infrared heater for any room

Your home has been designed by you to suit your style so Jigsaw have made sure their infrared heaters can be matched to your style. With a choice of aluminium heating panels which come in a white powder coat, these are designed to fit in with your ceiling or walls. There is also a range of glass heating panels these come in a range of shapes and sizes as well as any colour on the RAL chart, with the option to have a picture of your choosing printed on the panel, this allows the panels to fully integrate in your home. There is also a mirror infrared heating panel option which are available in multiple shapes and sizes to ensure they seamlessly pair with your room’s décor.

Join our existing infrared heating customers who are making savings on their energy bill!

Reduce your electricity bill by up to 30%.

Prevent mould in rooms prone to damp.

Easy installation with simple bracket system.

Zero ongoing maintenance.

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