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Specialising in EV charger installation based in Wrexham North Wales. Make owning an EV more convenient with your own EV charger. A home EV charger gives you the freedom to charge your EV overnight, waking up to a fully charged EV each day.

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Rawson EV-Power and Solar are your trusted supplier and installer of home EV chargers, solar panels and battery storage systems.

Home EV Charger

So you’ve got an EV? Now you need a home EV charger installed. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Getting an EV charger installed at home means charging your EV is easy and the most convenient way to keep your car topped up. With a home EV charger, it means you’ll never have to worry about waking up with 0% battery in your EV.

We stock and supply a huge range of Project EV and Easee EV chargers that can be fitted within a matter of days.

project EV 7.3kw ev charger mounted to a wall

From only £995 we can fully install a 7kW single socket EV charger at your home

All Project EV and Easee EV chargers are supplied untethered as most vehicle manufacturers supply a cable upon purchase. Should you require a cable this can be supplied for an extra one-off charge.

project ev single gun ev charger right
Why do I need an EV charger?

Any EV can be charged via a 3 pin plug in your home. However, this charges at around 2-2.3 kW which I extremely slow. Roughly 4 miles per hour of charge added to your EV. A 3 pin plug however should not be used for long periods of time as the plug could overheat. The use of extension cables is also not recommended.

Getting your own EV charger installed resolves these issues. The EV chargers we supply from Project EV and Easee can be installed on your driveway, in your garage, outside your front door, or wherever is most convenient for you. Having your EV charger installed in a convenient location removes the need for long cables trailed through your house and is far safer for longer charging periods.

Our EV chargers from Project EV and Easee are 3 times faster than a standard 3 pin plug and work with handy apps that allow you to schedule charging times. This feature allows you to take advantage of the more affordable energy tariffs available to those with EVs and EV chargers. Not to mention our EV chargers look awesome!

What do I need to get a home EV charging point installed?

To get a home EV charger installed you need a few simple things:

  • Dedicated off-street parking.
  • A wi-fi connection at your property or a SIM router can be used. (only required if you want to use the EV charger apps)
  • Permission to install the EV charger if you don’t own the property.

And that’s how simple it is, we do the rest. You just need to be home to give us access to install the charging point, the EV chargers take around 2 hours to install.

Hyundai electric vehicle plugged in
porsche plugged in to a project EV charger
Why choose R-EV Power as your EV charger installer?

We pride ourselves on delivering what we promise! If you choose to get an EV charger installed by us you will get:

A Friendly Team

Who are on hand throughout the entire process.

Quick Turnaround

From quote to installation, this can usually be done in less than a week.

Fixed Costs

We provide installation costs that won’t change once agreed.

After-sales support

An excellent aftersales support team, should you need it.

Our EV chargers provide compatibility with all plug-in vehicle brands
Features and benefits of our EV chargers
5 Year warranty

A market leading 5 year warranty as standard on Project EV chargers only.

IP65 Protection

Protected against dust, low-pressure water jets, condensation and water spray.

Cable Lock System

Secure your cable to your EV charging point and vehicle for peace of mind using the handy app.

Solar Compatible

Use the power generated by your solar panels to charge your car. Project EV chargers only.

Type 2 Connection

Compatible with most vehicles on the market.

Dynamic Load Management

Distributed power evenly to all your electrical appliances.

Getting your EV charger installed

Included in our price is the full installation cost, providing we don’t come across any complications during the installation the price given is what you pay. We will always inform you of any price adjustments before starting work. The entire process couldn’t be any simpler…


Choose your preferred EV charger. Look through our EV chargers or speak to a member of the team to find out which EV charger is best for you.


Choose a date and time that suits you. We schedule this date and time with our installer, you don’t even need to be home, you can provide pictures.


Our electricians arrive to install your EV charger – They confirm the location and installation process with you, once complete, they will begin. This can take around two hours.


Once complete, our electrician will test the charger, demonstrate how to use it and provide any documentation while giving you a handover.

Do you live in a flat, apartment or rental property?

If you head over to our grants section you can find out if you could benefit from help towards the cost of your charger, don’t worry about filling out paperwork, if you do qualify we take care of everything for you.

project ev silver 7kw charger
Join hundreds of customers who are enjoying the benefits of owning a home EV charger!

Fast and convenient home EV charging.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduce your fuel bills.

Increase your property value.

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