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A leading battery storage installer, we are based in Wrexham North Wales. Getting solar battery storage installed within your home allows you to store any excess solar energy produced by solar panels. The excess energy stored within storage batteries can be drawn down for later use during night hours. Helping to further reduce electricity bills.

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Rawson EV-Power and Solar are your trusted supplier and installer of EV chargers, solar panels and battery storage systems in Wrexham, North Wales.

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Why choose us for solar battery storage?

Based in Wrexham, North Wales we’re approximately 20 minutes from Chester, locating us in a prime location to supply and install solar panels, EV chargers and battery storage to North Wales and the North West of England. Our expert team of solar battery storage installers provide help and assistance for every step in the process, with an excellent aftersales team.

What is battery storage?

Solar battery storage systems are usually made up of lithium-ion batteries that store excess solar energy produced by your solar panels. They store the surplus solar energy within the batteries for later use. Storage batteries can also be used as a standalone product without solar panels. They can be used to store energy directly from the Grid. This is useful if you have a cheaper off peak tariff. You can charge up the batteries during this cheaper tariff time and use the stored energy when prices are higher.

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Why do I need a battery storage system?

If you spend a large proportion of your time out of the house during daytime, at work or other commitments, then storage batteries would be particularly useful to you, as solar panels generate the majority of their solar power during daylight hours.

Having a solar battery storage system installed alongside solar panels allows any excess energy produced during daylight hours to be stored within the solar batteries for use within the home later. This is particularly useful at night when solar panels no longer generate solar power. Solar batteries stop generated solar power from going to waste or being sold back to the Grid, allowing it to be used to power your home. You still have the ability to sell back any excess solar energy that isn’t used during the night if you have solar batteries. Selling your excess can create a passive income, and pay for the installation costs of the battery storage system.

What are the benefits of battery storage?
Ability to make money

Any excess energy generated and stored within your battery system can be sold back to the Grid to provide you with an extra income.

Lower electricity bills

Batteries store unused solar energy to power your home, so you purchase less power from the grid, you can also sell excess energy back to the Grid for extra income.

Energy independence

As you will not need to solely rely on the Grid for all of your energy needs you can protect yourself from the rising costs of electricity.

Charge electric vehicles

Battery storage can be used to store energy from the day to charge up your EV overnight, reducing the cost of a full charge.

Uninterrupted power supply

You can have your storage batteries set up to provide power during a blackout, so you will never lose power.

Maximise solar usage

Excess solar energy is stored within the batteries for later use, ensuring full efficiency of solar panels.

Do I need battery storage?

If you already have solar panels installed at home and want to become less reliant on the National Grid for your energy, battery storage would be the ideal solution. This allows you to store any excess you cannot use and allows you to power your home at night from your solar panels. If energy prices continue to rise the payback period for battery storage reduces year on year. You also have the option to sell any excess energy, ensuring you get the most value from your battery storage system and any installed solar panels.

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Solax Triple power battery left
What does battery storage cost?

A battery storage system for a domestic solar panel installation can cost from £2,500-£10,000. Costs vary depending on the batteries you choose, how much energy they store or how many batteries you require. But the payback can be achieved within a few years, as you’re able to store any excess that would usually be sold back to the grid, thus reducing how much electricity you purchase from the Grid. It’s also worth noting solar batteries have 0% VAT when installed with solar panels.

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Create a passive income selling excess stored electricity.

Charge batteries at off-peak times.

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