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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source heat pumps allow you to heat your home with the air outside, not only can you heat your home you can also use this heat energy to heat hot water. This environmentally friendly way of heating your home will help to lower your energy costs and carbon footprint.

What is an air source heat pump?

An air source heat pump is simply what the name implies a heat pump which transfers heat from outside air to water. This in turn heats the rooms within your home via radiators or underfloor heating. Air source heat pumps can also be used to heat the water stored within a hot water cylinder, providing hot water for taps, showers and baths.

air source heat pump outside home
air source heat pump outside home
How do air source heat pumps work?

All types of heat pump work in the same way, they transfer heat from outside into a building through 4 steps:

Evaporation: An air source heat pump takes in heat from the outside air, transferring this air into a heat exchanger which contains liquid refrigerant. This absorbs the heat from the outside air and evaporates converting it into a low pressure, low temperature gas.

Compression: During compression, the gas is transferred to a compressor which compresses the refrigerant. This process of compression leads to an increase in the pressure of the gas and raises the gas temperature.

Condensation: The heated gas passes through to the heat exchanger, here the gas is circulated transferring the heat to a cold water circuit. This process causes the water to heat up, as it absorbs heat from the gas. Once the water within the unit reaches the desired temperature it is then released to radiators or underfloor heating systems within your home.

Expansion: When the refrigerant gas cools it turns back into a liquid which moves through an expansion valve, lowering the pressure and allowing the system to absorb more heat and start the cycle over again.

Benefits of installing an air source heat pump
Financial incentives

Air Source Heat Pumps are eligible for grants like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. This offers up to £7,500 towards the installation on ASHP.

Improve energy efficiency

ASHPs are 3-4 times more efficient than a traditional heating system such as a gas boiler. Helping to increase your home’s EPC rating.

Reduce Carbon emissions

ASHPs have lower carbon emissions than conventional heating or cooling systems such as gas boilers.

Lower energy bills

Installing and using an ASHP effectively can result in lower energy bills for your home or business.

How efficient are heat pumps?

ASHP are an efficient heating system that can generally produce around 3 times more energy than what they take in. As the heat produced by them is harvested from the surrounding environment rather than an energy source they are a far more efficient heating source for your home, with around 300% efficiency. If you look at an A-rated gas boiler they have an efficiency of around 85%, with oil boilers being 88%.

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air source heat pump outside of domestic home
Is an air source heat pump right for me?

An air source heat pump is suitable for all kinds of homes. There are some myths that air source heat pumps cannot be installed in certain types of homes, but this is untrue.

You can install a heat pump within your home so long as you consider the following:

  • Your budget
  • How much space you have

Air source heats pumps are the most common heat pump you will find installed. These are the most suitable for domestic homes because of their size. They are also cheaper to instal than other heat pumps. This type of heat pump will usually come as a monoblock which sits outside of your home, and generally takes up the space of two wheelie bins side by side. You will also need to ensure you have space for a hot water cylinder, ideally, this should be installed within your home.

Save up to £7,500 with Boiler Upgrade Scheme

As of 21st September 2023 the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero announced an increase in funding for heat pumps under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. The scheme is to encourage homeowners to replace existing fossil-fuelled heating systems with more efficient lower carbon systems. You can qualify for:

  • £7,500 off the cost and installation of an air source heat pump
  • £7,500 off the cost and installation of a ground source heat pump
  • £5,000 off the cost and installation of a biomass boiler

Speak to our team today about getting an air source heat pump installed with government funding.

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Reduce your energy bills significantly (up to 70%).

Increase your property value.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Improve your EPC rating

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